Stop Everything and Look at Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski in His Underwear

You're welcome, y'all

Antoni Powoski posing with a smile

(Photo: Getty)

Pause your episode of Queer Eye and head over to Antoni Porowski’s Instagram account IMMEDS.

On Thursday, the 34-year-old Canadian star of the Netflix reboot posted a hella steamy underwear pic, and the internet cannot. deal. Posing with an I-know-I’m-hot expression, the show’s resident foodie shared a pic of himself standing in his Hanes skivvies, chiseled chest exposed and hair looking effortlessly tousled, alongside the caption: “Whenever I happen to pose contrapposto, I partner w @Hanes and wear my Comfort Flex Fit Boxer Briefs – they keep everything where it should be, comfortably. #Vouchforthepouch.”

I don’t care what avocado-loaded dish Porowski is cooking; I want whatever he’s serving up in this sexy ad.

Speaking to People, Porowski said that up until recently, he was a “regular briefs” kind of guy. “My father is Polish and at 68 he still wears a Speedo to the beach, and he wears regular briefs—so did his father,” he said. “That was my upbringing. Teaming with Hanes, I feel a little more American in a good way.”

The hunk-of-burning-love chef also revealed that while he won’t cook around heat in his underwear (for obv reasons, duh), he likes to be nearly au naturel while at home. “Until noon, I am allowed to walk around in my underwear,” he said. “So for coffee and smoothie time with my boyfriend, I definitely like to wear the Hanes briefs… I have this old ’60s Italian armchair and when I used to sit in my regular underwear it was more challenging—when you have the boxer briefs there is a bit more stretch.”

I’ve never been more jealous of an armchair.

Aside from Porowski, Hanes also teamed up with Catfish‘s Nev Schulman (which is an odd choice, IMO) and football player Victor Cruz, for its new #VouchForThePouch campaign. (Porowski’s uber cute partner Joey Krietemeyer shot his BF’s ad.)

Fans of the show are feeling *flustered* over the Queer Eye cast member’s new modelling venture. “I think I could faint,” one commenter wrote on Porowski’s Instagram post. “I am so thirsty I can’t even fathom this photo,” said another. “Dying, choking, sobbing reaching out toward the beauty,” wrote an overwhelmed follower.

But best response? “I can’t. I’m dying. Dead.” Same, my friend, same.


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