Hot For Teacher: 5 Dream(y) Hollywood Profs

Here’s one way to guarantee perfect attendance at university: book an A-list lecturer. We’re fantasizing about the celebs who could teach us a thing or two

angelina jolie professor
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Angelina Jolie has another accomplishment to add to an already-lengthy list: she’s been appointed a “visiting professor in practice” at the London School of Economics (LSE) and we’re going to assume that her class will be a very hot ticket with students this September.

Her new gig was not without ruffled feathers, of course—in certain corners of academia some have called it a “mockery” and “marketing ploy.” We tend to agree with The Independent in that the Ivory Tower needs to chill with the handwringing: Jolie is more qualified than most to speak on countries in conflict; she’s a Special Envoy of UN High Commissioner for Refugees and she co-founded the Centre for Women, Peace and Security at LSE. With Angie as our inspiration, and a nod to the ultimate actor-writer-artist-teacher James Franco, we created a dream faculty of celebrities and their subjects. No syllabus, no problem.

angelina jolie professor
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Bradley Cooper: French
More specifically, the French language. We were pleasantly surprised when BCoop showed off his fluent second tongue while on a press junket and who better to teach Canada’s official second language than a man who speaks it so beautifully? And may we suggest an end-of-year field trip to Paris…for purely scholarly purposes, of course. (Side note: Is hooking up with a visiting prof against the rules? Asking for a friend.)

angelina jolie professor
(Photo: Keystone Press)

Gwyneth Paltrow: Family Law
While people have been getting divorces for decades (or in some places, centuries), it took GOOP to rebrand splitting up to the more gentile “conscious uncoupling.” Instead of focusing on the technicalities of dividing assets, spousal support and custody disputes, Gwyneth can teach a class of future marriage mediators how to encourage breakup moons, post-split brunch dates and joint press releases about “moving forward as best friends.”

angelina jolie professor
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Drake: Canadian History
Drake has been an incredible ambassador to his hometown of Toronto, and has played a key role in exporting CanCon to the world (starting with Degrassi, obvi). He can school us on Canadian history anytime, and if we get tired of talking about Sir John A. Macdonald we can just listen to Views on repeat. That counts as contemporary cultural credit, right?


angelina jolie professor
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Beyoncé: Whatever She Wants
While some universities (like UVic and University of Waterloo, Rutgers) see fit to teach a class about Beyoncé, we’d rather be schooled by the icon herself. But what could she teach? Several subjects fall under her areas of expertise, from Economics (she allegedly fired her father after uncovering financial improprieties on a tour), Marketing (DUH), African American Studies, Women’s Studies, Poetry, Business—it would be the most useful BA (Beyoncé of Arts) degree ever.

angelina jolie professor
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Mindy Kaling: Creative Writing
She’s a two-time best-selling author, award-winning television writer and star, Ivy League grad and generally one of the most interesting and prolific people working in Hollywood—plus she would probably be happy to spend the last few minutes of class gossiping about celebs and doling out style tips. Where do we sign up?


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