America's Next Top Model: All Star Edition

Tyra's putting together a season of ANTM All-stars

Courtesy of ‘A’ Channel

After 16 cycles of Tyra’s “I have only two photos in my hand,” America’s Next Top Model is resorting to that old reality chestnut: the all-star season. While returning models have yet to be confirmed, these four memorable faces deserve another chance to be on Top.

1. Shandi Sullivan
This cycle 2 model’s geek-to-chic makeover was one of the series’ most dramatic. She’s now a pro DJ but she can take a break, right?

2. Jade Cole
As cycle 6’s resident trouble-maker, Jade’s strong personality sparked plenty of arguments in the Top Model house. It may have landed her in the bottom two a staggering five times, but it also made her a series standout.

3. Anya Rozova
This former contestant made it all the way to the final 2 during cycle 10, and for good reason.  She had the best picture for a total of five weeks.  Unfortunately she didn’t get the ‘Top Model’ title and went home the first runner-up.

4. Raina Hein
Okay, maybe we just feel bad for the runner ups or something but we also think Raina, who was in the final 2 during cycle 14 (a.k.a the petite cycle where models had to be 5’7 and under) should get a second shot at the competition. Her bubbly personality and Brooke Shields/Denise Richards looks made her addictively watchable.–Ashley Singh