Amber Rose Posted a Nude Photo & Piers Morgan Had Something to Say

We do NOT agree with Morgan's definition of "feminism"

Model Amber Rose posing in a red top and blonde, buzzed haircut

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Our friendly neighbourhood anti-feminist troll Piers Morgan is back at it again. This time, the British media “personality” has his sights set on 33-year-old Amber Rose, model, actress and feminist activist known for bringing awareness to gender inequality and sexual injustice, after being publicly shamed herself. Over the weekend, Rose posted a nude photo in promotion of her annual SlutWalk on Oct. 1 in Los Angeles. Morgan jumped on the opportunity to call Rose out, advising her to cover up.

His claim, to simplify his already comedically simplistic opinions, is that her exposed body contradicts feminism. Because there’s only one kind of feminism—which, according to Morgan, is the archaic belief that female nudity is anti-feminist; a naked woman can’t possibly be an empowered woman, too.

Rose, of course, was quick to point out his obvious discomfort with nudity.

The debate was back-and-forth, but Rose didn’t leave it at that—she decided to bring someone else into the picture to make a v. important comparison.

In 2011, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine posed nude on behalf of a prostate and testicular cancer awareness campaign. His photo was deemed stunning, and we don’t disagree, but we also don’t see any difference between Levine’s photo and Rose’s. Both support an important cause. The only difference is their gender identity. Morgan, of course, feels differently.

FYI, Morgan, the SlutWalk is a non-profit event put on by the Amber Rose Foundation, which is provides free HIV and breast cancer screenings, educates the public about sexual health, and leads other stigma-smashing initiatives. The global event brings awareness to the prevalence of gender-based violence and rape culture and fights for the safety of women. Not a good cause? Huh? *Crickets*

Amber Rose Nude Photo: Britney Spears looking very confused during a performance on The X Factor.

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To dig the hole even deeper, Morgan proceeded to mock Rose by re-posting a photo of himself nearly nude in the name of a Burger King advertisement, complete with the tagline “The scent of seduction.” We’re not sure what point you’re trying to make, Morgan. If an important cause is an acceptable reason to get naked, by Morgan’s definition, then what cause is his nudity for?

We’re no strangers to Morgan’s online antics. For the sake of publicity, or whatever, he has a habit of going on Twitter tirades, specifically targeting famous women. To reference a few, he told Kim Kardashian to put her clothes back on and gave outfit suggestions to Susan Sarandon (like she even cares or needs input from anyone, ever).

Throughout this entire ordeal, Rose wasn’t alone. Many of her fans jumped to her defence.

It’s pretty clear to us who won this battle. Give yourself a round of applause, Amber.

Amber Rose clapping while watching a live performance. Recently, she had a Twitter feud with Piers Morgan regarding a nude photo she posted in promotion for her annual SlutWalk.

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