Allison Williams’s Assistant Just Trolled Her on IG Stories and We Love It

Alexa, we appreciate you

Is anyone else obsessed with celebrity assistants? I’m almost more interested in Stephanie Shepherd than I am Kim Kardashian (*almost*), and it’s legit my life’s work to meet Chrissy Teigen’s assistant IRL. But some of the best behind-the-scenes moments come from celeb assistants who fly a bit more under-the-radar. Case in point: Get Out and Girls actress Allison Williams’s assistant, Alexa (hi, Alexa! We legit love you) who took over Williams’s Instagram stories on November 15, with very lolz results, while Williams was doing some promotion for her 2017 breakout film, Get Out, ahead of awards season. Alexa, thanks for making our day, girl.

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