All About Yves

So little is known about fashion legend Yves Saint Laurent. As a designer, its common knowledge that he was the mastermind behind many ready-to-wear feats, including le smoking jacket and his much-raved-about Mondrian collection. Yet few know what sort of man he truly was and what kind of life he lived before his death in 2008. What types of relationships did he have and which people did he gravitate to? How did he find the inspiration behind his artful collections? Many of these questions are answered in TIFF’s only fashion documentary entry, L’amour Fou. Focusing on his business/life partner Pierre Bergé, as well as a handful of YSL muses (aka Betty Catroux and Loulou de la Falaise), the film is both a YSL 101 for French fashion fans as well as a fly-on-the-wardrobe account of the relationship Saint Laurent and Berge shared for decades. The film ends sadly with the many artifacts from the Berge/Saint Laurent apartment (a place Hoarders would love to get into if they did an episode on wealthy, tasteful people) being sold via auction. Speaking to the film’s director, Pierre Thorreton as well as its star, Pierre Bergé, clarified the purpose of this picture: “This movie is a love story between two people who had ups and downs in an extreme world,” Thorreton said. “I hid my life so that Yves’ imagination could grow,” confirmed Bergé, “and I will never regret supporting a genius.”  —Elio Iannacci