Alice in Wonderland hits theatres next week

The build-up for Alice in Wonderland continues, with the London premiere happening earlier this week.  Mia Wasikowska looked amazing on the red-carpet, rocking her new pixie cut.  We also loved seeing her front row at Burberry alongside Kristen Stewart, Kate Hudson, Claire Danes and Mary-Kate Olsen.  Destined for big things, she’s reportedly signing on to star in Gus Van Sant’s (Good Will Hunting) next project. And, she’s been tapped to play the lead in Jane Eyre opposite Dame Judy Dench.

But, so far Johnny Depp is getting the most buzz for his eccentric portrayal of the Mad Hatter.  According to Ryerson Professor Alison Matthews David, his trippy performance is right on the mark.  In her new book, Fashion Victims: Clothing and Health in Historical Perspective (due in 2012), she reveals that traditional hatters used to work with toxic materials that led to mercury poisoning, which in turn caused disorientation.  Looks like Depp has done his homework.