Three Reasons Why Adele Is Our Unsung Beauty Hero

It's Adele's birthday! And in honour of her 29th, we're here to remind you that while she's been blowing our minds with her incredible voice and emotional performances, she's also been slaying the beauty game

Adele is arguably one of the most talented singer/songwriters of our generation, and if you haven’t at least teared up while watching her perform, you’re probs a robot. She also seems like one of the nicest people in showbiz, and we sort of wish she was our BFF. As Adele celebrates her 29th year, we think it’s high time we highlight the Brit’s hair, makeup and mani prowess. In honour of Adele’s birthday, here are three reasons why she’s #beautygoals.

Short hair, don’t care

It's Adele's birthday, and we're celebrating her bomb hair

(Left) At the 2016 GRAMMYs; (Right) At the 2016 Brit Awards

Old Hollywood glam is Adele’s go-to, particularly when it comes to her hair, but she’s pared things back a little lately. While she hasn’t completely given up on her swept-back up ‘dos (see: last year’s GRAMMYs), she been turning up on red carpets with her usually shoulder-length hair cropped into a more modern bob. The slight ombre blonde is a fresh change for her, too. We’re all for hair updates, and this one has helped her her evolve her look along with her music.

Mani magic

It's Adele's birthday, and we're celebrating her bomb nails

(Left) At the 2012 GRAMMYs; (Right) Receiving her MEB in 2013

Adele’s nails always look perfect, and she was rocking extra-long, oval tips way before the Kardashians deemed it Insta-worthy. There are two particular times she took it to the next level: the GRAMMYs in 2012, and when she became a Member of the Order of the British Empire in 2013.

For her GRAMMYs look, manicurist Mike Popock used two shades of Ciaté nail polish on her tips: Jewel (a glittery, silver-blue) on top, and Mistress (a bright red) on the underside to perfectly match her sparkly Louboutins. And in 2013, her nails looked straight up regal thanks to little crown embellishments on both of her ring fingers. What could be more appropes to show off that fancy medal?

That cat eye, tho

It's Adele's birthday, and we're celebrating her bomb cat eye

(Left) At the 2017 GRAMMYs; (Right) At the 2011 Brit Awards

Last but not least: Adele’s signature cat eye. The man responsible for the iconic winged liner is Michael Ashton, her longtime makeup artist and hair stylist. According to New York Magazine, they met through mutual friends, and during a speedy bang trim, she asked if he could quickly touch up her eyes, as well. The look was born, and it became her signature when Ashton recreated it for a collection of photographs to mark the debut of her first album, 19, in 2008.

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