A No-Holds-Barred Interview with Bachelorette Villain Chad Johnson

The man who took villing to despicable new lows would do a *few* things differently

bachelorette Chad Johnson villian

(Photograph: courtesy City)

He may not have done so well in the rose department but Chad Johnson (aka The Chad, a.k.a. Chad Bear, a.k.a. the dude who got drunk AF in Paradise), was easily the most talked about man in the Bachelor Universe this year. Last night he appeared on The Bachelorette Canada After Show, but first FLARE caught up with the cold-cut junkie to talk post-Bach reality and what he would have done differently.

You’ve been chatting back and forth on Twitter with Drew from The Bachelorette Canada. Did you offer him any advice, villain to villain?

I explained to him that when they watch the show, a lot of ladies have never seen that side of guys and the joking that we do with each other. People assumed he was being a bully, but that’s really what us guys do. It’s how we weed out the weak and figure out who can take a joke and who we can have fun with. A lot of people just don’t get it.

Not that you can relate, right?

Yeah, exactly.

It’s been a couple of months since your time on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. What’s it like being Chad these days?

I’ve stopped doing real estate for now. I’m currently day trading, and I’ve had so many people contact me to ask about my fitness plan and what I eat, so I’m about to start selling fitness plans online through my website. I get about a hundred emails a day, so I figure might as well turn it into something. I can’t go out on my own anymore just for like a normal night. It’s work. I end up doing a million pictures and answering the same questions. I pretty much stay home with my little puppy and go to the gym.

I noticed you were appearing at a nightclub in Philly a few nights ago. So you get paid to appear at these parties?

If you can get a good amount of people to a club they’ll pay you several thousand dollars to have a drink, hang out. You can do whatever you want as long as you’re willing to take pictures with people. I’m not going to turn down getting paid to travel the world.

How long do you think this will all last? Is being an infamous reality TV villain a viable career path long term?

This is not the [only] thing I’ll do, or even the last thing I’ll be doing with that show. Like I said, my plan now is to get into fitness plans and see where that goes.

Presumably cold cuts will be involved. Are you really obsessed with sliced meat or did the show play that up?

It’s not just cold cuts. In order to maintain low body fat and muscle, you have to have a lot of protein and if there’s no protein shakes around, I’ll have some cold cuts.

You recently taped an appearance on Ben and Lauren’s upcoming show Happily Ever After, which is set to debut next week. What was your goal in going back on another Bachelor series—to redeem yourself?

They invited me to come out and I thought, why not? Look, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but I had my reasons. I’m not saying I was in the right, but a lot happens off camera and there are a lot of explanations that people aren’t aware of when they’re judging me. I’m a pretty good guy. Off camera, I haven’t had a disagreement with anyone in years. When people are constantly confronting you and berating you on camera—it’s stressful. I think anyone could lose their shit.

It was a pretty bad night for you—the fighting, the drinking, the calling Sarah a “one-armed bitch.” Is there one thing in particular you regret?

Saying the thing about Sarah—I definitely feel bad about that. I wish I hadn’t have drank so much. Maybe then I would have noticed that [the cameras and the other cast members] were following me around and that everyone was talking about me. That was my thing—if the producers had asked me about what one of the other people was doing or how they were acting, I would have said, ‘I don’t care. I’m here to find a relationship.’ That’s why were all supposed to be there, but everybody was just following me around.

You apologized to Sarah via Twitter. She then said you were only apologizing on social media to get attention. Did you ever reach out to her directly?

I had already apologized to her right after the “Men Tell All” episode, so what was happening online really didn’t make any sense.

New York magazine did a feature about your time on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise that was very critical of ABC and the show itself. Specifically the writer felt that “the real villain of these shows isn’t the messed-up guy but the opportunists who let him dominate JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette, brought him back for BIP, and are now gleefully milking his meltdown.” You of course had lost your mother not long before the show taped and maybe weren’t in the most stable emotional place. Do you feel like the show exploited you?

When you have an experience like I did [losing my mom], you don’t necessarily notice how it affects you. I felt like I was fine, but looking back I’m sure there were things that I was doing that I wouldn’t normally have done [if I hadn’t gone through a tragedy so recently before appearing on the show]. It’s hard for me to get close to anyone at the moment. For a long time I pushed everyone away because spending time with a girl or with friends would mean less time with my mom. I still push people away. I don’t want to let anybody get too close. I don’t know, I guess I’m kind of angry at the world.

But are angry at the show?

It’s not their fault for putting me on. I wanted to go on. One of the things I have said I’m most upset about—and I can’t really blame them, since it’s my fault for drinking too much—but on that one night in Paradise, nobody would tell me where the rooms were. It was pitch black, and a weird resort. I had no clue where anything way and there were these bright camera lights were in my eyes, so I really couldn’t find my room. I should have been in bed four or five hours before all of those things happened.

bachelorette Chad Johnson villian

(Photo: Courtesy City)

Your time in Paradise capped off with you yelling at Chris Harrison for ruining your chances of being The Bachelor. Did you really feel and were you given the impression that that was a possibility?

I can’t really talk about that. I don’t really want to get into it.

Okay. What do you think Nick as the next Bachelor?

I don’t know a lot about him. I didn’t like the way he was in Paradise, the things he said about me after I had left. Still I can’t really say whether it was a good or a bad call. I would much rather Nick than anyone on my season. If anything that says a lot that they didn’t want to pick any of them, which is how it usually works. Maybe I was right about all those guys.

Are you friends with anyone you met through the show?

I occasionally talk to Vinny a bit, but I can’t actually talk to him because all of those other guys despise me.

What about Daniel from Canada? You had a big fight, but before that you seemed really tight.

No, me and Daniel are not friends. Daniel is one guy on camera and one guy off. I might come off like a jerk, but I’m actually a good guy. I just can’t stand guys like Jordan and Robbie who play the nice guy when in reality they’re jerks. Daniel is the same. The one thing I will say about him is that in all the scenes [on Bachelor in Paradise] where everyone is saying that “Daniel tried to calm Chad down,” that’s not what he was doing. He was specifically trying to irritate me and to get a rise out of me. On camera it looks like he’s being friendly, but all he was doing was following me around and poking me.

As a viewer it doesn’t seem like Daniel is bright enough to be calculating much of anything. Did he play up the whole Himbo thing for TV?

No, that’s actually Daniel.

What about JoJo? What are you feelings about her?

I still think the relationship [between JoJo and Jordan] is fake. I ruined her love story. She wanted everyone to show up and put her on a pedestal and fall in love right away, and I wasn’t going to do that. I wanted to find love, but I wanted it to be real.

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