How Famous People Really Live, According to Chrissy Teigen

As one of the all-time best Twitter users, Chrissy Teigen (duh) invited her followers to ask her anything, and she answered everything. Here are the most valuable nuggets of what it's like to be a famous

On one famous meeting another famous Do celebs (redundantly) introduce themselves?

Famous-to-famous intro, continued How do you know who is more A-list?

Speaking of A-list Who has made Chrissy flustered?

The weird world of famous friendships How do you save celebs in your phone?

We’ve all been thinking it Do famous people buy their own toilet paper? Is a new bottle Febreeze worth braving the masses?

For those of us non-celebs, Amazon Fresh is this whimsical (American) service that will do your shopping for everything from donuts to diapers, and it will deliver the goods when you wake up the next day. Magical!

Trying to do normal people stuff Do you use a nickname when you make a dinner reso?

Talking ish/more normal people stuff Do you have a sh*t-talking group chat for celeb dram?

Dealing with millions of ‘likes’ a day must be hard How do you know when your friend IRL has hit you up online?

We know when you’re faking! Or do we… What do you do when your famous friend is in one of those fake publicity stunt relationships?

Celebs need love, too And apps that will help them find love and/or a booty call. But is there a famed-only version of Tinder?

Ah yes, the good stuff What is the number one perk of being famous?

For the viewers who have sympathy-eaten during the Grammy’s (all of us) What do celebs do at long award shows that are sans munchies and booze?


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