6 Signs Missy Elliott Is Staging a Comeback

This just in: Missy Elliott is due for her full-blown comeback. Our psychic abilities and some mad research tell us it's in the works

missy elliott comeback

(Photo: Rex USA)

Our fave rap genius Missy Elliott hasn’t released an album since 2005’s The Cookbook. THAT’S OVER TEN YEARS, YOU GUYS. We’re over here straight missing Missy! Early 2015 rumblings of a seventh studio album have not left our minds. Elliott dropped her single “Pep Rally” in February of this year and lately we’ve spotted her in dope campaigns, commercials and even on Shia LaBeouf’s kneecaps. Just call us your local investigative reporters, formulating the Homeland-styles board to prove—we hope—evidence that her long-awaited comeback is reaching a crescendo. That way, when Elliott pulls a Bey and drops an album out of nowhere, you can’t say we didn’t warn you.

July 8, 2016: Associated Press Interview
It started with an interview with The Associated Press, where Elliott drops some MAJ nouveau music news, “I got some heaters. I most definitely got some heaters. I’m not going to say when they’re coming because, you know, I always think that’s the setup when you say it’s coming and you give a date and you don’t drop on that date. I’m not saying the date, but I got some heaters.” HEATERS EQUAL HITS, we hear you, girl, and we’re ready for ya.

July 12, 2016: Amazon Echo Commercial
Alec Baldwin, who? He may be her co-star but we’re all starring at Missy Elliott in this commercial. Bold, beautiful and sharp as all hell, Missy brings the spunk to this otherwise snooze ad for the voice-activated Amazon Echo speaker. Let that light shine, girl.

July 16, 2016: James Cordon Ride-Along
Missy Elliott made an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden in an episode of Carpool Karaoke with First Lady and notable superhuman, Michelle Obama. The pair debuted the First Lady’s song, “This Is For My Girls,” promoting her Let Girls Learn initiative. Obvs the ride-along would not be complete without a “Get Ur Freak On” blast from the past to get us all geared for some possible new ish.

September 6, 2016: Shia LaBeouf Tattoo Revelation
In a recent interview with Variety, Shia LaBeouf let it slip that he has not one, but TWO matching big-ass Missy Elliott tattoos on his knees. WHOA.

September 8, 2016: Marc Jacobs Visual Cameo
Marc Jacobs describes casting his Fall Winter 16/17 campaign as a way to “represent a collective embodiment of love, honesty, integrity, courage, strength, curiosity and inspiration.” All of which, TBH, are totally in Elliott’s wheelhouse. Potentially this cameo is a hint of MJ-designed concert costumes to come?

October 14, 2016: Marvel Cover
Missy Elliott’s 2002 Under Construction album cover inspired artist Adi Granov’s interpretation of the Invincible Iron-Man for Marvel’s hip-hop variants covers. If anything’s going to generate some much-anticipated new new buzz, it’s a damn Marvel backing. We see you, Missy [insert breakdance move here].

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