6 Mind-Blowing Secrets Straight From Bachelor in Paradise!

We sat down with some of season two’s cast—Tenley Molzahn, Mikey Tenerelli, Chris Bukowski, and Jared Haibon—to chat about the most shocking moments the cameras didn’t catch


Mikey, Chris, Tenley and Jared in Toronto

During TIFF, we headed to the Venus Beauty Media Lounge to grill Bachelor in Paradise stars Mikey Tenerelli, Tenley Molzhan, Jared Haibon and Chris Bukowski—in town for the Eligible Magazine TIFF Bachelor Party—about all the juicy behind-the-scenes nuggets about our favourite guilty-pleasure obsession. Here’s the sweet, sweet goss we unearthed for you.

1. Paradise Isn’t Always Plush

mikey bachelor in paradise

Mikey never wanted to wear a shirt because it was hot AF

Our biggest takeaway from the season: Paradise is hot—and we’re not just talking about the raunchy infinity pool rendezvous. Here’s the real reason why the cast always seemed to be glistening (or downright dripping, in more unfortunate cases).

Tenley: “We don’t have air-conditioning. I feel like people assume that because we’re on a television show that we’re actually set up to the nines. The ‘resort’ was essentially glamping.”

Mikey: “You got out of the shower and you were basically sweating again.”

Tenley: “It was a little intense: the bug bites, the heat—we still love Mexico though! I think half of the reason we didn’t have A/C was for the acting; it was on purpose.”

Jared: “They want you hot and bothered. Emotional.”

2. No One Saw The Kirk and Carly Breakup Coming


“Are you breaking up with me?” (insert crying emoji here)

That heart-wrenching split came out of left field for us watching at home, but the cast tells us it was just as big a shock to them and the producers.

Tenley: “It’s the weirdest thing, I still get tingles. Kirk and Carly were really sweet that morning, and everything was wonderful. I guess I can trust my gut instincts because, all of a sudden, my stomach did this weird thing [when Kirk walked into the room]. Like, ‘I don’t know if that’s going to be okay’. That was hard to watch back.”

Mikey: “I think the breakups [were the hardest thing to re-watch]. The brutal honest breakups that you have are tough to do in private, let alone doing it and watching it over and over again.”

3. The Guys Are STILL Pining for Britt

britt crying

When we asked the group who else was on their former cast wish lists, some of the dudes still hoped Britt—the Bachelorette hopeful who gave almost everyone serious fake vibes—would show up in Paradise. Yeah, we still don’t get it.

Jared: “I met Britt the first night [on The Bachelorette]. We had good conversation and she seemed very genuine and sweet.”

Mikey: “When you’re seeing someone on TV, it’s just attraction and a little glimpse of their personality.”

Chris: “I was just going there and hoped for the best.” [The group laughs.] “But I don’t get the whole Britt thing, too.”

4. Crabs Were Everywhere


No, not THOSE kind of crabs. The ones that Ashley S. made besties with. And they posed a bit of a nuisance to the rest of the cast.

Mikey: “The first night after we all met each other, I walked into my room and I saw two crabs fighting. They were literally duelling. I was like, ‘This is going to be a long trip.’”

Tenley: “Crabs were everywhere—in the showers, in our beds. And it’s true: Ashley S. did walk around with one for a couple days.”

5. The Dudes Had Topless Pillow Fights (Well, Sort Of)

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 3.23.04 PM

You wanna throw down, bro?

There was plenty of gratuitous, mostly-naked scenes throughout the season (it is Paradise after all), but there was one caught-on-camera moment that didn’t make it past the cutting room floor, and it’s what Bachelor fan dreams are made of.

Jared: “There was this gigantic moth the size of a bat and me, and Dan and Josh were in bed, shirts off with our pillows, just trying to like kill this thing. I’m running and this thing flew and hit my back. Dan is trying to hit it with the pillow and Josh was throwing stuff at it. This happened for 45 minutes before we got it down.”

Mikey: “Let’s be honest, it was just his shirtless bromance, that’s all it was.”

6. Paradise is Fleeting, But The Days Are Long

bachelor in paradise

What’s wrong with this picture? There’s no drinks

Between the sparsely-allocated one-on-one dates and rose ceremonies, it turns out there’s not a whole lot to do in Paradise. Of course, the cast kept themselves busy—some by intoxication, others by getting engaged in under a month.

Chris: “In Paradise, it’s always five o’clock. I woke up in the morning and I had a glass of vodka soda—actually two—before I went down to the house. I didn’t eat anything. There’s not much to do.”

Tenley: “I was always busy! I was laying out, I was having conversations, I was in the pool making up synchronized swimming routines. I had a couple guys on the side—just kidding!”

Mikey: “Chris was there for like three hours. [Laughter] You could be there for a day or it could be a month.”

Tenley: “I know that Tanner and I were both away for 30 days.”

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