5 Things We Learned From the “Bad Blood” Video

Taylor’s been building anticipation for her latest video for weeks: it’s the opposite of a surprise drop (and it’s just as effective)

Taylor 2 bad bloodShe’s been teasing it on Instagram for weeks, and at Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards, Taylor Swift finally debuted “Bad Blood,” the most GIF-able music video… ever? Here’s what we learned from the celebrity-packed extravaganza:

Squad: Zendaya, Hailee, Taylor, Lily, Martha (Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages)

Squad: Zendaya, Hailee, Taylor, Lily, Martha (Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages)


1. #SquadGoals are real
Taylor walked the Billboard Music Awards red carpet with a seriously impressive (and photogenic) crew including Zendaya, Hailee Steinfeld, Lily Aldridge and model Martha Hunt (they play Cut-Throat, The Trinity, Frostbyte and Homeslice, respectively). The video is a feast of girl-power cameos–Lena Dunham, Jessica Alba and Empire star Serayah show up to puff on cigars, ride motorcycles and punch walls. Taylor often talks about feminism and the power of female friendship in interviews, and here she talks the talk and walks the (fierce) walk.

Selena Gomez Bad Blood

2. Selena Gomez is the enemy!
OK, not really, she just plays one in this video. Dangerous Selena is blunt-bobbed backstabber Arsyn, who betrays Catastrophe (Taylor) after they do some cubicle ass-kicking on a job together. But who is the real frenemy inspiration behind the song? Well, in 2014, Taylor talked to Rolling Stone about a female artist who tried to sabotage a tour and would say, like, super harsh things to her. Shortly after that, Katy Perry tweeted, “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing…” If that’s not evidence enough, allow me to present exhibit B:

Katy Perry black bob

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3. Taylor is a bigger model-lover than Leonardo
When it came time to cast her video, Taylor definitely went for the camera-ready route. Her BFF Karlie Kloss obviously made the cut (as a boxer appropriately named Knockout), Gigi Hadid played Slay-Z (guess no one got the memo: Jay Z dropped the hyphen), Lily Aldridge is Frostbyte (her superpower is withstanding a light dusting of flurries while wearing a fur cape), Martha Hunt pops up as Homeslice, Cara Delevingne is Mother Chucker and Cindy Crawford (!!!) shows up as the Headmistress, who gives orders with a strut and a slight head nod.

4. Taylor’s gotten tough
1989 was Taylor’s first album without a nod to her country roots–she basically said, “Bye, Felicia” to the whole industry (although she did accept the Milestone Award at the 2015 ACM Awards). “Bad Blood” features the awesome Kendrick Lamar, a highly respected and critically acclaimed Compton rapper, with whom she’s traded mutual appreciation on social media. It’s not her first hip-hop collaboration (that was in 2012 with B.o.B.), but it’s definitely next-level hot.

5. Meow, b*tch, get out the way
Everyone knows Taylor is obsessed with her cats, Detective Olivia Benson and Dr. Meredith Grey, whom she totes around in custom carriers. She has also long professed her adoration for Mariska Hargitay and Ellen Pompeo (the actresses who play the characters that inspired the cat names–get it?). Finally these worlds have collided: Mariska and Ellen play Luna and Justice, two leather-clad badasses who pass Taylor in a futuristic-style tunnel while she–symbolism alert–carries a torch. No word on how the felines reacted to their namesake cameos.

Watch the video now:

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