5 Things You Didn't Know About the June Issue of FLARE

Bonus scoop we couldn't fit into the mag

1. The designer of a killer Coachella-inspired clutch is now too busy to attend Coachella Kimberly Der was so run off her feet with her two-year-old handbag label this spring, she was unable to attend Coachella—especially sad since the idea for her Ella clutch, featured in this month’s Localist, was inspired by the festival.

2. FLARE’s senior style & market editor is a hardcore forager Truc Nguyen, who found the ultimate foraging separates as part of this month’s Fashion Look, is a seasoned mushroom hunter herself. Whether searching for fashion or fungi, she says, the same principles apply: “Timing is everything. You can find dozens one week, and not a trace just a few days later.”

3. In her quest for glam gams, Rachel Heinrichs omitted some of the leg work. Herewith, the math behind her makeover:
$700: amount spent on cabs this past winter
120 kilometres: distance walked to and from work over a two-week span
400 percent: increase from Health Canada’s recommended weekly moderate physical activity accrued solely through walking
20 minutes: amount of time spent contouring her legs using Katie Quinn’s Victoria’s Secret technique

4. The author of “Love Is Love” has a new love in her life Frequent FLARE contributor Sarah Liss, who writes about sexual fluidity in this month’s issue, adds a personal milestone to what can now be considered everyday gay life. She and her partner, Lisa, already parents to an “alarming collection of animals,” welcomed their first child, Ezra Harlan Rundle Liss, five-and-a-half weeks early—just as this issue went to press.

5. Our cover star makes acting effortless Acclaimed director Christopher Nolan (Inception) told FLARE that on set, Ellen Page “often seems to be doing so little… [but] when you watch dailies, you’re struck by a performance with many genuine layers and true subtleties that weren’t apparent on the day of shooting.”