5 Things We Learned From Nick & Demi's Billboard Profile

In their joint interview, the multihyphenate BFFs talk about the good ol' days, relationships and what it's like touring together again (Pssssst, they're performing in Toronto on Saturday!)

This week’s cover story… Nick & Demi! | Photo: @AustinHargrave

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We’re v. v. v. excited about Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato’s recent Billboard cover story (mostly because the photos from the shoot are hot AF) but also because they reveal a lot about themselves, including their shared love of dumb comedies (“No books,” Jonas is quoted as saying), cigars and espresso and get real about their respective dramz-filled pasts. It’s worth reading in full—for all of Demi’s sassy (but playful) jabs at Nick—but we’ve got the highlights rn:

1. Demi didn’t like Nick’s relationship with Olivia Culpo 

Nick and his perfect pageant queen broke up last summer after two years of dating—the breakup inspired the majority of Nick’s new album. Demi was the third call on his list after the break up (below his dad and Joe, of course) and she told him to “Just go, ­create and be free.

“…honestly, I didn’t like her anyway. It’s not because she’s mean or anything, but he has such a great sense of humor and I want him to be with someone that makes him laugh.”

AND she thinks he should stay single

“He’s a guy in his 20s and he’s famous and he likes to have a lot of fun. Listen, even when he was in a relationship, I was like, ‘Get out of that. You could f– anybody that you want right now, so have fun and do that.’”Demi Lovato

2. Nick won’t get drunk around Demi

Demi Lovato just hit year four of being sober after a rough battle with mental illness and addiction. So in support of his friend and tourmate’s sobriety, he refrains from having more than one drink when he’s with her.

“She gave me the right to have a drink around her, but I’m never, ever drunk around Demi.”—Nick Jonas

“Although I want to see him drunk.”—Demi Lovato 

“(Firmly.) No, you don’t.”—Nick Jonas

3. Nick was preeetttyyy pissed when Demi left the Jonas tour back in 2010

Last time the two toured together (before Demi checked herself into rehab) she punched her backup dancer, Alex Welch, in the face during a meltdown and decided to quit the tour shortly after.

“…we were going to get sued. I mean, it was bad. On top of losing a friend, we have seven dates left, it’s a big production, people are expecting to see Demi and that’s not going to happen. I was angry, because a week before I pleaded with her to confide in me. We talked on the plane for two hours.”

4. When it comes to politics, Demi is all Democrat and Nick is more private

“When I went through my shit, I realized it was for a reason—to make a difference. I can share my story a million times, but it’s not as tangible as going to Capitol Hill. Hillary is in support of mental health care and, yeah, I’m a Democrat.”Demi Lovato

“I keep my political views to myself. We both come from conservative households with a religious backbone, but we’ve both evolved quite a bit in the way we see the world.”Nick Jonas

5. Nick was the relationship buffer between Joe and Demi when they were dating

The pair’s beautiful friendship really blossomed during their Camp Rock days (when Demi was rocking the front bangs and Nick had those cute little curls) all while Demi was dating Joe Jonas, the infamous player at the time.

“…for a couple of years there was the Joe and Demi romantic thing, so I’d be this emotional bridge for them. But she and I were productive—we’d write songs about it. We became even closer because it was never going to be [romantic].”

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