Is Bachelor Nation's Luke Pell the Ultimate F-ckboy?

Some serious shit went down in Bachelor Nation yesterday, and thanks to Reality Steve’s v. detailed expose on everyone’s fave Bachelorette contestant, Luke Pell, we’ve got all the deets for you. Here’s 5 things we learned about Luke Pell yesterday that prove he’s the actual WORST

1. He promised a girl named Airelle Snyder that if she came on his season of the show they would end up together… and then completely ghosted her when he found out he wasn’t the Bachelor

Back when Luke thought he was going to be the next Bachelor, he contacted Nashville-based lifestyle blogger, Arielle Snyder, (who, BTW, is now dating Luke Rodgers, Jordan Rodgers’ other brother) and asked if she would be interested in going on his season of The Bachelor. They started dating and he basically told her that if she came on his season their relationship would play out on-screen and he would pick her in the end. Welllll as we all know Luke was NOT the next Bachelor (wonder why they decided against him…) and once he found out his Bachelor gig was no more, he totally ghosted Airelle. This all came to light when Airelle posted a YouTube video outing Luke and his f-ck boy behaviour; watch it below:

2. He did the EXACT SAME THING to Jubilee

Remember Jubilee, the socially-awkward-but-insanely-loveable war vet from Ben’s season? Well APPARENTLY Luke was also hooking up with her during the same time—and feeding her all the same lines about coming on his season! And once he found out he wasn’t the next Bachelor, he also dropped Jubilee like yesterday’s news!. (Sorry girl, better luck on BIP!)

3. He also might have done the EXACT SAME THING to a third woman named Holly Allen

If you follow Luke on social media, you’ve probably already seen the pics of his trip to Las Vegas with his Bachelor Nation pals. But what you didn’t see were some sneaky photos snapped of him getting preeeetty close to a dark-haired beauty who we’ve never seen before. Well of course, Reality Steve to the rescue: he found out that the “mystery Vegas girl” is a woman named Holly Allen and, of course, he did some hardcore Instagram stalking and found a photo she posted three days after Nick was announced as Bachelor with the caption: “I got a disappointing phone call yesterday. After months of meetings and interviews, I was to be cast in an extremely popular tv show that starts filming in a couple weeks. Logistics didn’t pan out, and producers kindly explained that they had to nix me.” SO if the “extremely popular TV show” she’s talking about is The Bachelor (which, like, it probs is), Luke was not only leading on Airelle and Jubilee but also Holly Allen. Is your head spinning yet!?

4. He dated Lauren Hussey (from Nick’s season)…while also dating a handful of other women at the same time

You might not remember her because Nick sent her home on Night One, but Lauren was the girl who made the joke about their last names being Viall and Hussey during her limo entrance. And apparently, after getting sent home, she contacted Luke to tell him she went on The Bachelor in hopes of meeting him, not Nick. They quickly started dating. But like actually real-life dating, not just “hanging out.” They met each other’s friends and families, they travelled together, they did cute couple photoshoots together, they went to events together, they watched Nick’s premiere together at her parents cabin in Colorado, etc, etc. Lauren even moved to Nashville, where Luke is currently living/trying to become a famous country singer. But shortly after moving, Luke starting acting, well, like a f-ck boy again and Lauren found out that the entire time they had been supposedly dating exclusively, he was also dating a bunch of other women and telling them the same things he was telling her. And when she confronted him about it, he admitted it. This story came to light when Lauren went on Airelle’s YouTube channel to share her very similar story:

5. He’s not actually dating Danielle L

Rumours have been circulating for a few weeks that Luke and Danielle L, from Nick’s season, are a thing. They’ve been photographed hanging out together at events and Luke has been posting cute pics of the pair on his social media—so naturally everyone just assumed they were dating. But Danielle shut all rumours of a relationship with Luke down on Tuesday when she told Reality Steve that they’re definitely not together, probs because she wants no association with him because he’s the actual worst. Smart move, D. Lo.

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And the worst part about all of this? Luke is denying EVERYTHING. After Reality Steve broke the news on his site yesterday, Luke took to Twitter in efforts to save his ass/his not-so-promising country music career. The tweets, which have since been deleted (classic), are all snapshotted in Reality Steve’s column and pretty much just accuse Airelle of fabricating their relationship and accusing everyone who has something to do with this story of trolling him. The lesson learned here, people: if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. In other words, Luke Pell is a total player. And if you’re feeling totally cheated right now because you’ve been a loyal member of #TeamLuke from the very beginning, don’t worry, we’re right there with you.

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