5 Things We Learned About the Pitch Perfect Couple

The cute-as-pie real-life couple gave us the scoop on their love of fro-yo and a cappella

Adorable Pitch Perfect alums—and real-life engaged couple—Anna Camp and Skylar Astin stopped by the 6ix to judge an a cappella competition as part of North by Northeast (NXNE), Toronto’s week-long music and culture festival. Between gaming at a barcade—exactly what it sounds like—and posing for an adorbs photo op sponsored by Courtyard Marriott Hotels, the couple answered a couple quick Qs. Here’s what we learned:


1. What they’re looking for in an a cappella face-off: Skylar emphasized original and dynamic performances, while Anna claimed she wants energy, harmony, and people who are “pitch perfect.” Duh.

2. Why they love a cappella: It’s a perf blend of humour, uniformity, love and music—plus it’s a great group activity.

3. What they know about the upcoming third movie in the Pitch Perfect franchise: They plead the fifth. Apparently the script isn’t finished yet and haven’t been given any details about what’s in store for Aubrey and Jesse.

4. What their ideal next roles are: Anna is tired of playing “that blonde girl” and is looking for a part that will have her dyeing (or even shaving) her head. Skylar doesn’t want to be typecast either; he’s open to playing anything from a dad to a villain!

5. Their go-to cutesy couple activity: Watching The Bachelorette and eating fro-yo. Or, watching Game of Thrones and eating fro-yo. Basically, lots of fro-yo.


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