5 Shocking Moments from the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

The 2011 VMAs had no shortage of surprises.

Photo by Getty Images

True to form, the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, August 28th was full of oh-no-they-didn’ts. This year’s event had no host, which only gave more celebrities the chance to shine in all their weird and wonderful glory. Below, a few of our favourite moments.

1. A Bey-Jay bun in the oven, finally!

After coyly showing off her growing belly on the black carpet, B kicked off her performance of “Love On Top” by shouting, “I want you to feel the love that’s growing inside of me!” When she’d finished shaking it in sky-high heels like no mother-to-be has ever done before, Beyoncé dramatically unbuttoned her sequined blazer, rubbed her tiny bump, and beamed at the audience. Cut to Kanye West, clapping a stupidly happy Jay-Z on the back. Seriously, who didn’t melt? 

2.  Gaga as Jo Calderone, her Kenicki-inspired alter ego 

The reigning queen of award show shockers surprised everyone by abandoning the meat dress school of fashion and simply dressing like a dude. As the rough-talking, greasy-haired, chain-smoking Jo Calderone, he delivered a slightly bizarre opening monologue about his girlfriend Gaga’s fame addiction. As a side note, were we the only ones who thought Calderone kind of looked like Bruno Mars? Thankfully, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and even Justin Bieber stepped up to fill the wacked-out outfit void.  

3. Gaga and Britney almost pulled a Britney and Madonna 

Jo Calderone took the stage again to present Britney Spears with a lifetime achievement award (only at the VMAs…), and had trouble keeping his hands off the pop princess. “One of my greatest inspirations was Britney Spears,” he declared, before recalling how a poster of her on his bedroom wall inspired him in some less-than-wholesome ways. At one point, the two leaned in towards each other and flirted with a liplock. Britney ducked out at the last second, quipping, “I’ve done that already.” 

4. Katy Perry is the new Kanye West 

“Now this is the time where you want to interrupt me, Kanye,” Perry cracked as the two accepted their Moon Man for best collaboration on “E.T.” Come on, Katy; he’s clearly on his best behaviour. Also, people with giant cheese cubes on their heads (Philip Treacy for Dior Couture or not) probably shouldn’t throw stones. 

5. Tyler the Creator’s acceptance speech for Best New Artist was a little rough around the edges 

“I’m excited as f— right now, yo. I’ve wanted this s— since I was nine. I didn’t write a speech but… I don’t know. To all the kids out there watching: [one big bleep].” Now that was inspirational. -Allison Friedman

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