5 Minutes With TV's Newest Scream Queen, Abigail Breslin

We chatted with Scream Queens star Abigail Breslin about life on set, her alter ego Yung Gail, and why she'd never want to distance herself from Little Miss Sunshine

Less than a minute goes by upon sitting down with Abigail Breslin before tells you to call her Abbie, quotes Drake, and mentions what her rapper name might be (in case you were curious, it’s Yung Gail or alternately spelled Yonge Gail, an “homage to Drake,” she says). Who knew Little Miss Sunshine was such a hip hop aficionado or so…normal? The antithesis of precious, Abbie is every bit a nineteen-year-old woman (Snapchat, “like”, and text-shorthand are all part of her vernacular), smart as a whip, and funny AF.  FLARE grabbed some time with Abbie while she was in the 6 promoting Scream Queens, premiering September 22 on City, to talk onesies, sororities, her love of American Horror Story, and what she hopes to never be asked again on the red carpet.

Abigail Breslin as Chanel #5 (Photo: Matthias Clamer/FOX)

Abigail Breslin as Chanel #5 on Scream Queens (Photo: Matthias Clamer/FOX)

How has filming Scream Queens given you a taste of the college experience?

It kind of is just because we’re all hanging out together all the time. It’s like we have our own little like mini-sorority on set where we all hang out and we play Heds Up, which I’m not sure is exactly what you do in college but we can pretend that that is what you do in college!

Speaking of sororities, if the cast were a sorority, who would be the leader?
Definitely not me. I think Keke (Palmer) probably, because she’s very together and efficient and super-positive, she’s so nice and always just trying to boost everybody’s confidence.

Sorority fashion is often portrayed as ultra-girly. What would your typical everyday outfit be like?
[My character] Chanel Number 5’s closet is pretty chill, she has a good wardrobe selection. My everyday thing is jeans and t-shirt, so it wouldn’t really be super-sorority-like. But, I would definitely steal some of Chanel Number 5’s clothes if I could. I can’t really say what some of the outfits are…but, they’re really cute! Or a onesie! Roll up in super comfort, you know? You just gotta own it, no matter what. Just go for it.

This isn’t your first foray into the horror genre. How is Scream Queens different than past projects?
Well, I’ve never done a TV show before as a regular, so that’s definitely different than I’m used to. But, other than that, this is just a totally different experience and show, and the story and the character are so different for me. But probably mainly that I’ve never done a TV show where you’re doing it every week, it’s kind of intense but I love it.

Photo by George Pimentel

Breslin at TIFF 2014 premiere of August: Osage County (Photo: George Pimentel)

What makes the show different from anything on TV?
I think that there aren’t a lot of shows that are so primarily girls and so many different girls. It’s not like we’re just having the girls be the “nice” girls and the guys are the villains. The girls are the good guys and they’re also possibly the villains! They’re really strong female characters, which I think is really fun.

You’ve said that you were already a huge fan of American Horror Story. Do you have a favourite season and why?
I really liked Asylum. Asylum is really creepy and I’ve always been terrified of those old asylums, so that was the scariest for me to watch for sure. Coven was awesome and Freak Show! Oh my god, the twists in that were insane.

You retweeted something from the #AskHerMore campaign that promotes being asked something different on the red carpet other than your dress designer. Is there a question that you’d love to never be asked again?
People always ask me (things) like “Oh, are you trying to break away from the whole Little Miss Sunshine thing?” and for me that was such an amazing experience and I’m so grateful to be in that movie so I would never want to just like break away from it entirely. I don’t want people to think that I’m trying to “break free!” Somebody also once asked me what my first kiss tasted like. Probably don’t want to ever be asked that again. I was like “I didn’t taste it.” I was just trying to look cute and it was on film!

Can you share one crazy thing about Scream Queens?
What may sound crazy about Scream Queens is that I didn’t think that we were gonna actually be allowed to put it on [network television]. I thought that we were going to get into a lot of trouble, I didn’t think that it was allowed to be on the network but apparently it is! So, it’s crazy and now you’ll see, all of it’s crazy.

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