FLARE catches up with "The New Girl In Town"

Photo by Gene Driskell

Once a year media mogul Moses Znaimer invites the best and brightest to share their ideas at the appropriately titled Idea City. This year a tiny blogger with a big voice was at the top of his list of invitees.

Since starting her fashion blog at the age of 11, Tavi Gevinson, a.k.a. Style Rookie, has become a quick sensation. Now 14, the Chicago-based teen has traveled the world, sitting front row at the most coveted runway shows, including Dior Couture (where she wore a big pink bow in her hair deemed scandalous by the media) and Marc Jacobs.

With her unique sense of style, Tavi has made fast-friends with the industry’s elite. She’s also regularly snapped by street style photogs, and these days paparazzi are also lining up to take her pic, which is ironic since when an audience member at Ideas City asked Gevinson to name a few names, she refused. As FLARE later found out, celebrity is not her thing…

FLARE: Which designer do you think is the real force in fashion right now?

Tavi Gevinson:
Marc Jacobs. Because he isn’t doing the celebrity thing by seating them all at his shows. His fall collection was beautiful. They were just good clothes and that’s what we need. I’m really excited that it’s 2010 and I feel like he is one of the elements of my excitement. What he does symbolizes for me moving out of that celebrity culture and getting people to care about clothes again. I feel like the teens (2010-2019) are going to be very creative.

FLARE: There’s a lot of responsibility in your opinion being out there and, with so many people listening to what you say, does it ever start to really weigh on you?

TG: If I start to write and I feel like I’m only thinking about the way people will react to it, than I stop writing. I will start something else or I just won’t write for a bit. It’s frustrating, because people came to my blog in the first place because I didn’t care what people thought and, as I guess backlashes work, that started to weigh on me a bit. But I feel like now I can’t care – or maybe I’m just too lazy to care. Which I guess is a good thing because writing has been more fun for me as of late.

FLARE: In your Ideas City speech, you talked a lot about feminism. Fashion is moving in a feminine direction for fall where we’re seeing women’s curves once again. Do you think that might help the feminist cause a little bit?

TG: I think so. It’s hard to tell whether or not it’s a trend, but I hope it’s long lasting. It’s a new decade and we need something new. Plus, it’s more realistic and it doesn’t make people feel as bad about themselves. I feel like because Louis Vuitton did it and Prada did it, and now the magazines are doing it with Victoria’s Secret girls like Miranda Kerr and Doutzen Kroes on their covers, I hope it spreads and stays.

: Speaking of magazines, you also talked about your love of Sassy magazine. What was so great about that mag?

TG: [It recognized that] the needs of teen girls are different from the needs of someone who loves fashion.

FLARE: As a blogger, do you think magazines will continue to play a big role in the future or is print dead?

TG: It’s not dead. It’s just better quality now, because it doesn’t have to make room for news—everyone already knows what’s in the news because of the internet, so [magazines] need to focus more on quality. It can’t just tell us what’s going on, it has to give us opinions, has to give us really good articles, it has to give us beautiful photographs that will not live up to their effect just on a computer screen. So, that’s exciting to me.

FLARE: How would you describe your personal style? 

TG: Hormonal.