5 Minutes With Pretty Little Liars Star Lucy Hale

We chatted with the actress (and former FLARE cover star!) about the secrets to her perfect bob and who she hopes Aria ends up with when it's all over

Lucy Hale is absolutely killing it right now. Just this past week she’s done a shoot with Cosmo, had her first appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and joined the rest of the Pretty Little Liars for a live Q&A with BuzzFeed and an appearance on Good Morning America, all while filming season 6 of the cult fave. (Is your head spinning yet!?) Luckily, FLARE was able to grab some time with the crazy busy star while she was in #the6 promoting hair care product line BlowPro (available at Hudson’s Bay).

Our former cover girl plopped down next to me, clad in leather shorts and a tucked-in white blouse paired with a an orange lip, and proceeded to spill hair secrets, who she originally wanted to play on PLL and the potential for an Ezria reunion.

(Photo: Lucy Hale/ Instagram)

Hale in Toronto (Photo: Instagram.com/lucyhale)

As the Blow Pro Celebrity Ambassador, you’re obviously into their products—what are your favourites?
My favourite is the dry shampoo. I’ve tried every one under the sun, and it’s good for all hair types because it doesn’t make my brunette hair chalky. It’s a powder and I’m more of a fan of the powders then the wet ones. They’ve got really fun tools too—wands, a straightener, a blow drier. And they’re titanium so they protect your hair more.

We love your lob. How do you style it in those cute little curls?
Well, I don’t usually do it when it looks cute [laughs]. Kristin Ess is my hair stylist; she’s my hair guru and is the reason behind my bob and my colour and every fun thing that I ever do. But she’s taught me to get more of this style using a straightener to do the curls, opposed to a curling iron, because it just gives it more of a natural look. So I would recommend that and a texture spray to dirty it up a little; second-day hair to me is perfect, as it has a little bit of grit to it. So that and a lot of luck for me because I can’t do this on my own [laughs].

Talking Pretty Little Liars…you guys came back last week five years in the future. What are you most excited about playing Aria as an adult opposed to a teenager?
I’m excited because in the show, believe it or not, the six seasons barely covered a year, so time was moving so slow. It’s nice that we have the five-year space to explore and do flashbacks of what the girls have been up to in those five years, because we really don’t know: five years is a very long time. Especially because those are the years where they become young women—they have new careers, they’ve all gone to different cities, have new love lives. What we’ve shot is why they’re staying in Rosewood and who this new A is, and why this new A wants to kill them all. Another thing is [SPOILER ALERT] Charlotte, who we revealed is A, she was very playful with the girls in an evil way, but this new A has stepped up the game a bit and is a lot deadlier, a lot more intense.

PLL watchers are dying to know… is there any chance Aria and Ezra will get back together?
I think it would be insane to me if the show ended and they weren’t together. Me and the producers would have to go and get security if we didn’t end up together because the fans would be so upset. You do see them apart for a while in the show, but soul mates are soul mates and I believe that they are. So I hope so.

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Ezria 4 Eva(Source: Giphy)

Aria is definitely one of the deepest characters on the show—was she always the Rosewood girl you wanted to play?
I remember when I got this script, it was actually the same producers who did a series I [worked on] before PLL, and once that show got canceled they were like “We have this new show. Read the script and tell us who you connect with and we’d love for you to be a part of the show.” I was like, I don’t have to audition?! This is awesome! So I immediately connected to Aria, I knew that I saw a lot of myself in her, I thought she had a lot of dimension to her. But then I also really liked Hanna because she was the most opposite of me. So I told them I’d love to read for both and see what you guys think and they obviously thought I was more of an Aria.

Playing one character for so long, it must feel like she’s a part of you now.
I’ve spent my 20s on that show so I almost feel like Aria at this point. We have one more season to shoot and then we have to say goodbye to those characters and it’s going to be really weird because…I feel like, in a way, I am her. I will have to let go a part of myself so it’s going to be a little strange, since I’m very attached to her. That’s what’s so nice about doing something for so long: I feel like her problems are my problems [laughs]. She’s a complicated girl—they all are—but that’s what makes the show so good.

(Photo: Facebook/ Pretty Little Liars)

(Photo: Facebook/ Pretty Little Liars)

Aria’s style is definitely very bold and unique. Do you relate to her take on fashion at all?
Aria’s a risk taker. She’s the girl who’s going to try the trends before anyone else tries them; she’s going to try the things that no one else will try, ever. So sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but I’ve always respected her bold attitude about it and her carefree-ness. My personal style now has definitely evolved over the last year. I’ve been more willing to try new things and really step it up because I’ve always loved fashion, I’ve always had fun with it, I’ve never taken it too seriously. I think that whether it be a haircut or makeup or fashion, it should reflect your personality and I feel like I’m a fun person, so I’d rather take a risk and have people not like it then be boring. So that’s been my attitude the past year.

What kind of message do you try to send to young women through your character as Aria or just through yourself in general?
I think on PLL it’s a ‘what not to do’ [laughs]. But aside from all of that, the core of our show is friendship, and strong relationships between females because you don’t always see that. You have shows like The Real Housewives and Keeping Up With the Kardashians and all these things where it shows pitting women against each other and that’s not what we’ve ever done.

I’ve been pretty open about things that I’ve struggled with in my life and I never really had that plan when I started out. I never really wanted to be the role model but I think that we’re all given issues and things to help other people. I think that’s why we’re here on earth, to help people in one way or another. And I’ve been very blessed with a great career but, on the other hand, I’ve been given a voice too, to talk about things that might save someone one day, you never know. Not that I’m, like, a savior [laughs] but you know I think it’s important for people to talk about things they’ve been through.

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