5 Minutes With... Mixology star, Vanessa Lengies

Mixology showcases the hilarious things we do in pursuit of true love.


By Erika David

From barfing in your blind date’s purse to hooking up with the bartender in the stockroom, ABC’s Mixology showcases the hilarious, embarrassing things we do in pursuit of true love. The high-concept comedy’s season—written by The Hangover’s Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, and executive produced by Ryan Seacrest—takes place over the course of one night, documenting the cringe-inducing, and occasionally poignant, exploits of five guys and five girls in a yuppie-ish winebar. Montreal-born Glee actress Vanessa Lengies, 28, stars in the sitcom as Kacey, a bubbly, wide-eyed cocktail waitress who wears her heart on her sleeve. FLARE caught up with the newly blonde actress to grill her on off-screen romances and the love lessons she learned on set.

Tell us about your character Kacey and what’s in store for her this season.
Kacey was sheltered by her parents and fell in love with the first guy who loved her back. Their break-up was soul-crushing for her. Throwing herself back in the dating scene in New York City was a bad idea. She’s incredibly naïve and delusional.

How do you feel about intra-work relationships? Like Kacey, would you ever get involved with someone that you work with? Why or why not?
You spend a lot of time on a set. You see your cast and crew more than you see your family during shooting, and the things you experience in such close quarters bond you in a special way that you can’t share with people who aren’t there. So it makes total sense to end up in a romance in this environment. The only thing is, it’s almost always against company policy to date a co-worker. We have sexual harassment awareness meetings about it at the beginning of every project. So from a legal standpoint, it’s a no-no. From my moral standpoint, it’s a oui-oui. And for crazy Kacey, it’s three times a shift!

What advice do you have for someone going through a breakup?

Which character are you most like and why?
I’m most like Craig Frank’s character, Cal. I’m fun, friendly and kind, but I’m not clueless about life and I work very hard.

What’s the atmosphere like on set and how do you and the cast get along?
It’s almost too much fun! You shouldn’t want to hang out with your cast after a 15-hour workday, but, somehow, when we get to the parking lot at the end of the night, there’s an awkward pregnant pause before someone inevitably says, “Wanna get dinner?”

What have you learned about love and relationships since you’ve started working on the show?
Mixology takes place over the course of one night in a bar, but we use flashbacks to tell everyone’s story of how they got to this bar, on this night, and what happened to them that made them act this way or gave them particular traits. It gave me a better understanding of the backstory that every single human on this planet has and how judging a book by its cover is not only a crappy thing to do, but it’s also a waste of what could be a good connection with someone if you took the time to scratch his or her surface.

Mixology airs Wednesdays at 7:30pm ET/PT on CTV.