5 Minutes With... Hayden Christensen, On RW&Co.

We caught up with Hayden Christensen at the launch of his RW&Co. collection, where we learned about his style and that there may be more collabs on the horizon!


Photo Courtesy of RW&Co.

We hope Hayden Christensen’s girlfriend Rachel Bilson is ready to share the style spotlight with her Star Wars stud because his new menswear line with RW&Co (that became available in-stores and online November 7) is just as buzz-worthy. The 20-piece collection is the first-ever design collaboration for both Canadian counterparts; a seemingly perfect fit for an actor and brand that both exude an effortless kind of cool.

Inspired by time spent at his farm in northern Ontario, the practical and stylish clothing line features coats, jackets, pants and knitwear in rich autumn-like colours. FLARE caught up with the hunky actor at the Toronto media launch to discuss his first step into the fashion world and get our very own peek at the new line (and his new haircut!).


FLARE: How would you describe your collection?

HC: If I were to describe it, I would say it is clothing that is very accessible and easy to wear. There’s a little bit of style where it’s unexpected but there’s also a modesty about it too—it’s not flamboyant style, it’s subtle style.


FLARE: What provoked your interest in designing a menswear line?

HC: Generally speaking, I have always had an interest in design. Growing up I thought I would study architecture or something similar, so I’ve always had an eye for the aesthetic of things.  Through my acting, I have had some exposure to the fashion world and I started to think about clothes and design so when RW&Co approached me about the line, it just made sense.


FLARE: Do you think there will any more fashion projects in the future?

HC: I really enjoyed doing this, and it’s pretty neat getting to wear clothes you design, so I could see myself doing it again.


FLARE: Do you have any favourite items from the collection?

HC: I am partial to all of the clothes but I am a really big pea coat person so the green pea coat is a personal favourite.


FLARE: How would you describe your personal style?

HC: Just sort of casual, I wear what’s comfortable; I am not too precious about anything.


FLARE: In terms of Canadian style, would you ever rock the all-denim Canadian tuxedo?

HC: Yes, I have done that—usually when I am out in the country.