5 Minutes With... Guillermo Diaz of Scandal

Scandal star Guillermo Diaz shared with FLARE some deets about the third season of the show (debuting tonight on City), the most challenging role of his career, tales of being naked on set and a very interesting moment with Britney Spears.


Guillermo Diaz plays Huck on the hit show Scandal, a former black ops agent with a taste for torture and an integral member of Pope & Associates, the crisis management consulting firm led by Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington: read her thoughts on Scandal style). The series is back for it’s third season (premiering tonight at 10pm ET/PT on City) so FLARE attempted to drill out a few nuggets or two about the smash hit’s upcoming episodes…and Diaz’s own most scandalous moment.

FLARE: What can we expect for Huck this season?

GD: In the finale of the second season, Quinn (Katie Lowes) takes over for Huck and he is a bit concerned that she might be better at torturing; he’s trying to get sober from doing all these dark things, and here she is really excited about it. This season you are definitely going to see Huck try and snap her out of that. There is [also] going to be a flashback episode where you get a glimpse into his and Olivia’s relationship prior to Pope and Associates; you will see them interact in a way like never before.

FLARE: Is this the most challenging role you’ve taken on?

GD: I feel like I have done more in the two seasons of Scandal than I have done in my whole career, and I’ve been acting for twenty years! I’ve had more difficult, emotional and crazy things to do as an actor than I have ever had to do in my life.

FLARE: With so many twists and turns in the show, has there ever been anything you really did not expect?

GD: When I was waterboarded! I was so nervous when I got that script; I Googled it right away! I had heard of waterboarding but didn’t really know the full details. We rehearsed it the day before because it was so intense. It was actually really scary and I had to be completely naked for it.

FLARE: Is that the first time you’ve ever had to deal with that in your career?

GD: No, I had to be naked in Stonewall and I did a photo shoot for a magazine called Pinups where I was naked for 27 pages; it wasn’t a porn thing or anything, it was a very tasteful shoot. I have done it before, but it was scary; I am there with the crew that I see everyday, my peers and friends, the other actors, so it was difficult but once you get into it, it’s all good. Then you just have to do it again, find the flow of it.

FLARE: Who knows—maybe [show creator] Shonda Rhimes will have you get naked again?

GD: Anything is a possibility with Shonda Rhimes! When we first do the tape over, we all kind of look at each other and wonder, ‘okay, who’s going to get naked this episode?’ There are a few of us who have already gotten naked. I think Columbus Short (Harrison Wright) and Mellie (Bellamy Young) are the only ones who haven’t yet, so we’re all waiting for that.


FLARE: Why do you think people are drawn to the show?

GD: I think it’s a fun escape to get caught up in someone else’s trouble and scandals. It’s this world that is so completely far from our own and Shonda Rhimes is just so brilliant. The writing is so good and the characters are not these perfect cookie-cutter characters. My character [has] killed, yet people tell me all the time how they love Huck and want to hug him.

FLARE: The characters are very diverse as well as the cast; do you think that adds to the shows success?

GD: Absolutely! The audience can see themselves in all [of] the characters. I am Cuban-American, Keri is African-American … it’s just an assortment of people and that’s the way it should be. I think it’s really refreshing and exciting for people to see.

FLARE: What is the best fan reaction you’ve experienced via social media?

GD: There have been so many. I tweet almost everyday; we tweet with the fans and we all live-tweet with the show as well. I think the craziest ones are the really positive ones. The pictures that people create of the characters and how they enhance them are really fun. And when people create clothing that say things about the show like, ‘Gladiator in Suits’ or ‘What the Huck?’

FLARE: Do you feel like you are recognized more due to the show?

GD: It takes a little bit more time to go grocery shopping but it is exciting when fans get excited about seeing me or seeing someone from the show; it means they are liking it and that we are doing a good job. At the end of the last season, Katie, Bellamy and I took a trip to Israel for a week, which made us bond even more. We were getting recognized at the Wailing Wall in Israel; we were like, ‘oh my, people know gladiators in Israel!’

FLARE: Are there any other projects you are working on?

GD: I am a huge horror fan and I would love to do a horror film during the hiatus, but I am pretty much just concentrated on the show right now. I do a Halloween art show every year with a blood effects friend I met on the set of a short horror film. We have been doing them for about four years now.

FLARE: So, perhaps there’s a bit of a dark side to you to then?

GD: Totally! I need to prep by watching horror movies. In my trailer, I have an assortment of I Love Lucy episodes and horror films.

FLARE: What’s the most scandalous thing you have ever done?

GD: I think the most scandalous thing I have ever done [was when] I poured milk all over my face and body as Britney Spears was rocking out next to me. I was in her video for “I Wanna Go,” where she was spoofing Half-Baked; you have to go Google that!

Guillermo, we googled it! Enjoy.