Demi Lovato’s Advice: “Never Compare Yourself to Others”

The singer tackles that time of the month in style as the spokesperson for the new sans-shame #BeRadiant campaign

(Photo: Courtesy of Always Radiant)

(Photo: Courtesy of Always Radiant)

Although Demi Lovato has been honest about her struggles with self-image, the 22-year-old singer/songwriter/actress’s Instagram brims with body-positive imagery, whether it’s a sweaty post-workout shot or a #NoMakeupMonday selfie. Now, she’s taking body pride to a new level as the spokesperson for the Always and Tampax #BeRadiant campaign, repping the brands’ Radiant collection of uber-bright no-shame tampon boxes and wrappers. Lovato is reminding girls and women that they shouldn’t hide their lady products or feel limited by their periods, especially when it comes to wearing their favourite outfits—curve-hugging dresses included.

What does encouraging body positivity for girls and women mean to you?
I think it’s really important to encourage confidence and self-esteem in women because it can really change the way women think when it comes to feeling beautiful, even when the media creates sometimes unattainable perceptions of what beauty is. The Radiant Collection really is about empowering young women to be fearless any time of the month, whether you’re on your period or not.

What has being in the spotlight taught you about self-image?
I’ve had to learn that trying to please other people is never going to work; I’ve learned to love myself for the way that I am. I’ve also learned it’s important to do everything I can to balance out my spiritual, physical and mental health.

What’s the best body advice you’ve received?
The best piece of advice is what I’ve had to learn on my own and tell myself. To never compare yourself to others, just be content and confident in the body that you have and who you are. When you find those things, it’s more powerful than anything anybody can tell you.

What is your favourite thing in your closet right now?
I have a line of T-shirts, sweatpants and hoodies called Hope Dealer. All the proceeds go to my Lovato Scholarship Fund, which raises awareness for mental health.

What’s your go-to tour look?
Onstage, my go-to outfit is tight black pants, a good jacket and some great boots. I like to change it up when I’m on tour with a red lip, or a smoky eye and a nude lip. I change my hair a lot, too.

What do you love about being on tour?
Tour is filled with so many crazy and fun adventures, going to places you don’t typically get to go to, seeing things you don’t get to see when you’re just at home. It’s really surreal and really exciting.

You’re recording a new album: have you faced any big challenges?
I got sick the other day, so that was the biggest challenge. My voice not being 100 percent is difficult when I’m recording. Other than that, nothing is any huge challenge for me. I’m excited about what’s coming to fruition.


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