5 Juicy Gwyneth Confessions From The Howard Stern Show

How does he make them talk like that? Goop dished on Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, Beyoncé and more

(Photo: Keystone Press) Gwyneth paltrow

(Photo: Keystone Press)

We’re conditioned to expect our Goop a certain way: impeccably dressed with a fresh blowout and an even fresher colon (those punishing cleanses aren’t for naught). But listening to her dish on oral sex and the roles that got away is much more fun than listening to her espouse the benefits of green juice. In a one-hour conversation (listen to it here), Howard Stern (a total Paltrow-phile with an impressive knowledge of all things GP) and his sidekick Robin ask all the questions we wish we could. Brad, Ben, that rumour about Winona–they go here, there and everywhere. Here are five of Gwyneth’s best confessions:

1. Brad Pitt was too good for her.
She was an up-and-coming it-girl, he was a matinee idol: the early ’90s belonged to their matching platinum locks. The two were briefly engaged, but endured a painful breakup in 1997. Gwyneth says that she was too young to appreciate the “gorgeous” Pitt, and that her beloved father, Bruce, was heartbroken over the split. She mildly disputes that she’s the one who ended the relationship, and says they’re still friendly, but don’t keep in touch. (So, no Apple/Zahara playdates?)

(Photo: George Pimentel) gwyneth paltrow brad pitt

Too good for Gwyneth? (Photo: George Pimentel)

2. Ben Affleck… wasn’t.
Ben wasn’t in a good place for a relationship at the time she dated him, and her dad wasn’t quite as upset about that breakup, Gwyneth says. Back in the day she joked he was best suited to dating a Hooters waitress, but now she speaks fondly of him—and his wife, Jennifer Garner, whom she praises for her skills as a mom and a cook (oh, that’s so Gwyneth). Goop’s even had Jen over for a girlfriends’ dinner, since they’re neighbours, naturally.

3. She never stole that script from Winona Ryder.
Of all Gwyneth’s pairings, none piqued our interest  as much as her fast friendship and falling out with Winona Ryder. Long-standing rumour has it that Gwyneth swiped the Shakespeare in Love script off Winona’s coffee table, but G insisted, “This is not true at all.” She says the Oscar-winning role was offered to her early on (that does make sense—Gwyneth was Miramax’s go-to girl at the time, and it was a Weinstein brothers film)—and at first she turned it down because she was depressed about her split with Brad Pitt. Eventually, though, Miramax wore her down. But if it wasn’t because of Shakespeare in Love, why aren’t they friends anymore? And is there any hope for a conscious recoupling? (G mentions they haven’t seen each other in years, so let’s hope an ingenious host invites them to the same party during awards season.)

Winona Ryder - TIFF 2012: Day 5

Ex-bestie Winona Ryder. (Photo: Keystone Press)

4. She probably (…definitely) called Beyoncé after that elevator incident.
Although Gwyneth mentions her IRL best friend several times (we imagine Mary Wigmore’s Google searches were through the roof this week), she does namedrop Cameron Diaz, as well as Jay Z and Beyoncé, as her “best famous friends.” And she doesn’t shy away from their scandals. Howard dares to mention the Solange/Beyoncé/Jay Z fracas (let’s see Giuliana Rancic or Ryan Seacrest do that!), and Gwyneth says she always picks up the phone when she hears a friend is having a tough time.

5. She doesn’t disapprove of Jennifer Lawrence.
She’s not pretending to be overly thrilled about her ex-husband’s insanely popular and successful 24-year-old girlfriend, but she talks at length about her friendship with Chris Martin and how much she trusts his judgment (and therefore wouldn’t disapprove of his choice in any girlfriend). Still, we don’t quite get the feeling J. Law will make the guest list for one of Gwyneth’s girls’ nights any time soon. Maybe Jen Garner can fill her in?


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