5 Smart Women Who Should Really Run for Office

Amal, Angelina, Aisha, Geena, Kerry: which of these ladies would you vote for?

Hollywood and Washington have long been the best of (opportunistic) friends, with politicians cozying up to deep-pocket L.A. power players and actors currying favour for their favourite causes (and a good photo-op).

The worlds aren’t without significant crossover: Ronald Reagan was a movie star before he was prez, and Arnold went from Terminator to the Governator.

Today, female presidents seem to be on everyone’s mind, from Veep’s Selina Meyer to Hillary Clinton’s recently announced 2016 run. So why is it that a certain set of movie stars, like George Clooney, Alec Baldwin, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, are frequently asked about their political ambitions, while politically active female celebs are basically left out of the conversation? Here are five women who could surely rock the vote.


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Kerry Washington
Sure, her role as Washington fixer Olivia Pope has her regularly tangling with the POTUS (sometimes literally), but that’s not the only reason we think Kerry would be an interesting candidate. She has a double major in anthropology and sociology from George Washington University (which she attended after her schooling at prestigious Spence), she’s taken the stage at the Democratic National Convention in support of President Obama, and she is active for several causes, including cancer, domestic violence and LGBTQ rights.

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Aisha Tyler
Aisha takes multi-hyphenate to the next level: she’s a talk show host, actress, comedian, columnist, podcaster and bestselling author (not to mention avid gamer, cook and sometimes home brewer). She also brings to the table a degree in environmental policy from Dartmouth and deep philanthropic ties to groups including Planned Parenthood and the American Red Cross. She’s funny, personable and experienced in thinking on her feet; hosting Whose Line Is It Anyway? is the ideal debate prep.

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Amal Clooney
Amal may not be famous by design, but she is certainly worthy of the political A-list. She’s an internationally recognized lawyer with an Oxford education and has a dizzyingly impressive resumé, from clerking for Sonia Sotomayor in law school to her work defending Julian Assange to representing Armenia at the European Courts of Human Rights. Is it any wonder George says he “married up”? And while her husband could help her with Hollywood pull, Amal comes from a well-connected Lebanese lineage. This summer she’ll be a visiting faculty member of Columbia University—is it too late to try to Elle Woods our way into law school?


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Angelina Jolie
Love her or loath her, Angelina’s cultural impact is undeniable: when she talks, people listen. What she lacks in formal education, she makes up for in global philanthropic work that could rival many heads of state. She frequently visits refugee camps and is a Special Envoy to the UN, and her work spans a cross-section of causes from wildlife sanctuaries to child protection to raising awareness of war-zone rape. At 39, she manages to give the impression that she’s done it all, and just getting started.

Women in Entertainment Breakfast, Los Angeles, America - 10 Dec 2014

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Geena Davis
Geena is known for being a member of Mensa, but that’s only one of her accomplishments. The mom of three noticed a gaping boys-to-girls ratio in children’s television and began to commission studies that eventually led to the creation of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender. A former archer, the actress is also active in the Women’s Sports Foundation, and she’s currently launching a film festival that celebrates the work of minorities and women. She’s also fluent in Swedish and has a bachelor’s degree from Boston University and an honourary doctorate from Bates College. Can we secretly hope for a Thelma/Louise ticket?

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