4 Reasons Fans Will Flip For Zendaya's All-Access New App

Beauty tutorials, unfiltered videos and her very own radio station! All the reasons to be obsessed with the new Zendaya app

Zendaya Coleman may only be 20 but girl is already a multi-hyphenate force to be reckoned with. The Disney star, recording artist, CoverGirl spokesperson, fashion designer and former FLARE cover model is now putting her star power behind a brand-new app, Zendaya: The App (could a full-blown GOOP-calibre lifestyle brand be in her future? Our money’s on YES). For a young star who’s passionate about connecting with her loyal fans and famously unfiltered online (trolls, beware), the move to the tech space—where she promises even more unfiltered access to her life—is a no-brainer. She told USA Today earlier this month that she sees the app as a safe space for her followers: “I want [users] to be able to contact each other and talk to each other, but I want it all positive,” she said. “It’s not like Twitter or Instagram, which I love, but can get a little negative sometimes.”


In the app’s launch video, a makeup free Zendaya teases fresh video content, new music, a peek into her private life, as well as hair and makeup tutorials. The app includes a mix of free and premium content but to get both feet behind the curtain, fans have to fork over $2.99 a month (or $24.99 for the year). If some of this sounds familiar, it’s because Zendaya’s app comes from Whalerock Digital Media, the same tech company responsible for the insanely popular Kardashian and Jenner apps.

Here, four things about the app that die-hard fans will LOVE.

1. So much behind-the-scenes footage
It didn’t seem possible for the Snap-happy Zendaya to make herself more available to her fans but with videos of private family parties, a look at her new house, time with her IRL besties and behind-the-scenes access to magazine photoshoots, Zendaya will be sharing even more.

2. Hair and makeup tutorials galore
Fans live for Zendaya’s beauty moments and her app is already delivering tutorials from the girl herself on how she beats that beautiful face. Also included: goofy one-liners like “A fork is to food as brushes are to makeup.”

3. Deals on her products
Much of the app’s content gives users the opportunity to purchase Zendaya’s many products (she is a businesswoman, after all), but subscribers do get an automatic 15 percent off Daya by Zendaya purchases which is p. chic.

4. A Zendaya-curated radio station, Jump
And no surprise, it’s apparently lit.

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