33 Questions with The Flash Hottie Rick Cosnett

CW actor Rick Cosnett (Dr. Maxfield from The Vampire Diaries) has moved over to the network’s new smash hit, The Flash, whose pilot broke records as their most-watched show ever. We subjected the superhero series star to questions about his guilty pleasure TV, secret fantasies...and what makes him cry

Rick Cosnett

Rick Cosnett of The Flash (Credit: Marc Cartwright)

The Flash pilot was the CW’s most-watched TV episode ever, pulling in 13 million viewers with its fresh, fun take on the DC Comics superhero with the power to move at light-speed (played by Glee alumnus Grant Gustin). Babely blond Zimbabwe native Rick Cosnett plays Eddie Thawne, a cop with a deep, dark secret related to The Flash’s past. Just in time for the next episode (on CTV) this evening, find out what Cosnett hates wearing and the surprising musical ambitions he’s harboring.

My friends say I’m… sane.

I think I’m… crazy.

My greatest fear… is getting to the end of my life and thinking “What happened?”

Nickname (or nickname I secretly wish I had): Rick James

Guilty pleasure TV: Naked and Afraid

Greatest weakness: At times not believing anything is possible.

What I miss most about my hometown in Zimbabwe: Nature, the rain, the people and the smells.

Shoes: I hate wearing shoes.

Accessory: A petrified wood bracelet.

Favourite men’s designer: I like Armani suits at the moment.

Best meal I can cook: Omelettes and honey-lemon chicken

Worst thing about being an actor: Being at other people’s beck and call.

The one thing I can’t live without? Love and biltong (beef jerky).

House is on fire, I’m running back to get… my piano.

Dream job? A film that changes people in the best way, a way never thought possible. Making films in Africa.

My worst ever job included… being a “glassy” at this underground bar in Australia, which included cleaning up all sorts of things you don’t wanna be cleaning up. In hindsight, though, it was kinda fun. In hindsight.

I love it when a woman wears: Things that are natural to her.

My definition of a cosmic joke would be… our very existence. I think we should laugh more.

Celebrity crush: Toni Collette.

Last great book I read: Don’t Let’s Go To The Dogs Tonight by Alexandra Fuller.

My perfect-day playlist: A mash-up of jazz, Sam Smith and a little sexy french band.

Song that makes me tear up: Soundtracks, like The Mission or Casper.

Song that makes me dance like no one’s watching: It doesn’t take that much for me.

Secret fantasy: Being in a Broadway musical.

Favourite junk food: Sweet and savory sensations. Like fries and ice-cream. Never happens, though.

My childhood hero was… He-Man.

Rick Cosnett in The Flash (Photo: CTV)

Rick Cosnett in The Flash (Photo: CTV)

And now a few questions about The Flash:

What do you love about acting? The unknowing, the adrenaline of playing with other actors in the moment. It’s a magical feeling. Telling a story and being part of a collective energy. It makes me feel alive.

What was the most technically challenging scene to film in The Flash? There have been a lot of stunts, and some fighting scenes that I found physically challenging, but we have the greatest stunt team and they trained me gooood.

Who is your favourite comicbook character and why? It’s definitely The Flash now, now that I know so much about him. It’s classic, concise, epic and most of all really fun!

What is the funniest thing that has happened on The Flash set? This one scene where I am on pain medication, I went all-out, no holds barred, and it was quite ridiculous. Lots of laughs on set. We really do have fun. I love it when someone cracks up. I nearly got swiped by the camera the other day and [The Flash star] Grant [Gustin] couldn’t help breaking, ’cause I usually pretend like nothing’s happened. I’m used to theater where you can’t stop.

How did the series grow you as an actor? So far it’s mainly been my confidence that has grown. I think talent lies within and it’s just a matter of opening up what is already there. For me the repetition of having to make all your marks, speak in a standard American accent and be this type of character for so long has given me a new ease, and, hopefully, believability.

If I could choose between being an immortal vampire (like your previous show, The Vampire Diaries) or having The Flash/Professor Zoom-like powers, which would it be and why? It would definitely be a Vampire-Metahuman. How sick would that be? A superhero villain vampire. Why has no one thought of this?