Nominated for best R&B/Soul recording of the year, the troupe God Made Me Funky brings some funk to FLARE.com

Nominated for best R&B/Soul recording of the year, the troupe God Made Me Funky brings some funk to FLARE.com

God Made Me Funky

God Made Me Funky

You’re a 9-person band. How did you come together?
GMMF started as an instrumental jazz fusion project in 1996. As the band grew, its focus shifted to live remixes of classic funk and R&B tunes. Experimenting with original music gave birth to NuFunk. Now full grown, NuFunktonia has been achieved.

In one word, describe each of your band members.
PHATT al is Phatt
Kaybe is Funky
Rich is Monkey
Alan is Drummm-tastic
Arthur is Dangerous
Lynzie is Fresh
Danny is Argyle
Cam is Salty
Benji is Sahweeeet!

Where is your favourite place in the world to jam?
Anywhere and everywhere people want to have a good time, like the East Coast—they always party hard to the funk.

What does GMMF stand for?
NuFunk, freedom, and livin’—it’s a time when music heals you, without you having to think about it.

If you weren’t playing music, what would each of you be doing?
PHATT al would be preachin’ hip hop. Kaybe would be cuttin’ meat. Rich would be chillin’ in the gutter. Alan would be fixin’ unbroken stuff. Arthur would be sleepin’ it off. Lynzie would be super modeling (the right way!). Danny would be on a Mexican-style prison break in the Sweden. Cam would be catchin’ & killin’ filthy rats. And Benji would be The Boss—most certainly.

What’s in your iPod right now?
All under The Letter “S”: Saga (Wind Him Up), Sean Paul (We’ll Be Burning Remix), Shalamar (Make That Move), Shinehead (Gimmie No Crack), Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings (Fish In My Dish), Stray Cats (Stray Cat Strut), Schooly D (PSK), Shannon (Let The Music Play), Sam Roberts (Brother Down), The Salsoul Orchestra (Love Sensation), Salt N Pepa (Tramp), The Salads (Today is Your Lucky Day), Sheena Easton (Strut), Swing Out Sister (Breakout), Sylvester (Do You Wanna Funk), and System Of A Down (Chop Suey) are just a few.

With your first Juno Awards nod, where do you see your group going in the industry?
Multidimensional Interplanetary Universal Worldwide Local Love! It all starts with a butterfly flapping its wings (yes it does!). This Juno nomination, for us, is truly a beautiful thing. And if we can get that breeze to spread through the atmosphere, hearts, and souls we’ll be able to enjoy all the bling (and bull) the industry can throw at us.

Who writes your songs? What inspires them?
Not to harp, but the universe allows the band to have access to the plethora of love it possesses. When PHATT al, Andrew Thompson, Peter Natale, Kaybe, Danny Argyle, or any of the multitude of talented individuals who’ve written and/or produced with us has tapped into it, NuFunk has been achieved. And with Andrew SEOK mixing and mastering that NuFunk, we find that we end up with that kinetic love the universe shares with all the party people.

Zdenka Turecek