15 Memorable Legally Blonde Moments, in GIFs!

It's been 15 years since Elle Woods bent and snapped her way onto our screens (and into our hearts) and we've rounded up our fave moments to celebrate!

It was 2001. Low-rise jeans were having a moment, French manicured acrylic tips were v. chic and people tuned into to Thursday night “must-see TV” to see what Rachel, Ross and the gang were up to. It was also the year you met Elle Woods, the beautiful, bubbly, fashion-obsessed sorority girl who turned the “dumb blonde” stereotype on its head with her kindness and intelligence (she’s even been called a feminist icon more than once) and 15 years later, we still can’t resist watching Legally Blonde every time it’s on cable. Herewith, 15 of its best moments you can probs recite from memory.


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