10 Times Jimmy Fallon Was the Cutest (in GIFs)!

Proof that the late night host is the cutest, on and off on the small screen

NBC : Via iheartjimmy.com


It’s been seven years since Jimmy Fallon landed his first solo hosting gig (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon) and now, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the former SNL-er continues to charm us and make us LOL on the regs. In honour of the man who’s been stealing our hearts for years with his clever comedy, here are 10 times Jimmy Fallon was just the cutest ever.

1. When he won the award for being the cutest dad on the 2015 Emmy’s red carpet



Jimmy gabbed on and on to Ryan Seacrest at the 2015 Emmy’s pre-show about how much he loves his perfect little fam. He then proceeded to steal all of our hearts when he took out a locket holding pictures of his two precious daughters and said: “They’re with me all day.” Watch the full clip here and fall in love.

2. When he uses puppies to predict the outcome of sporting events



Fallon has a v. special talent for coming up with comedy sketches, bits and games that literally no one else would ever think of. One of our favs (besides Lip Sync Battle, of course): Puppy Predictor. What’s not to love? An adorable Jimmy Fallon, plus even more adorable puppies, equals cuteness overload!

3. Every single time he’s ever danced



NBC : Via fallontonight.tumblr.com4


NBC : Via fallontonight.tumblr.com3




No other explanation needed, Fallon is obvi cute AF when he dances.

 4. Also every time he’s ever laughed

NBC : Via fallontonight.tumblr.com


Jimmy has one of those can’t-hold-back kinds of laughs, and it’s probs one of the cutest things we’ve ever seen. With all of the added physicality–throwing his head back, clapping his hands, hiding his face, almost falling off his chair, etc.– Jimmy’s laughter could be a segment all on its own. He also has no shame in laughing at himself, which we find totally charming.

5. His adorbs bromance with JT

NBC : Via giphy.com


We’re totally obsessed with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s perfect bromance. They sing together, they dance together, they laugh together–we just can’t get enough. And let’s not forget about Jimmy’s touching speech for his BFF at the 2013 VMAs that gave us all the feels (even the toughest of bros felt it).

Our verdict: They should just do everything together for the rest of time.

6. When he had the cutest hot chocolate date with his even cuter fam



Jimmy Fallon is the picture perfect family man. He doesn’t Instagram pictures of his fam-jam too often–but when he does they’re incredibly cute, just like this one. Here he sipped on frozen hot chocolate with his wife and daughters during the holidays, or what he called: a new family tradition (awwwwww).

7. When he gave tribute to his friend and idol, Robin Williams

robin williams tribute - NBC : Via tumblr.com



His emotional tribute for Robin Williams was incredibly heartfelt and sincere. The entire thing brought his cuteness rating up by like 100 points. Watch the whole thing here.

8. When he played with rainbows on Snapchat



Jimmy is just like us–he plays with Snapchat’s “lenses” feature and barfs up rainbows too! Follow him on snapchat for never ending cuteness updates. (username: fallontonight OR username: fallonsnap)

9. When he photobombed Sesame Street and made kids, and us, super happy



 Jimmy, why are you so cute!?

10. And lets never forget how adorable he was in Fever Pitch

20th Century Fox : Via fallongifs.tumblr.com


In case anyone has forgotten; before his huge success as a late night talk show host, Fallon tried his hand at acting. In Fever Pitch he played an obsessed Red Sox fan who falls in love with Drew Barrymore, and he was, as you can imagine, the cutest thing ever.

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