10 Things We Learned From Amy Poehler’s New Memoir

Sex! Drugs! Law & Order! Yes Please by Amy Poehler hits shelves today

Amy Poehler outside David Letterman, October 27 (Photo by Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEImages)

Amy Poehler outside David Letterman, October 27 (Photo by Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEImages)

Have you grabbed your copy of Yes Please yet? The much-anticipated memoir from Golden Globe–winning actress and funnywoman Amy Poehler is out now (HarperCollins Canada, $33). We ate it up like Leslie Knope would a plate of waffles; here are 10 things we learned about one of our favourite comedians. (BTW, Toronto: she’s bringing her book tour to Indigo on Bay & Bloor this Thursday—where she’ll be interviewed by Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany!)

1. She always knew she would be on SNL.

On a school trip to NYC, Poehler’s ninth-grade class took the SNL studio tour at the Rockefeller Centre, where she pressed her nose against the glass and watched the cast rehearse. “I believed that someday in the future, I would be rehearsing onstage at Saturday Night Live while a gaggle of sophomore girls would be waving to me,” she says. “All of them wearing cooler outfits than my classmates and I wore that day.”

2. She has carnal knowledge of both Crazy Ira and the Douche.

The Parks and Recreation actress has dated both Matt Besser and Nick Kroll, a.k.a. Crazy Ira and the Douche: Pawnee’s “most hilarious drive-time radio guys” (complimentary mammogram, anyone?). She’s been in a relationship with Kroll since 2013, and she went out with Besser in the early ’90s, after taking an improv class he taught in Chicago.

3. She’s done drugs and driven drunk.

Poehler reveals she’s tried most drugs, including cocaine (which she “instantly loved but eventually hated”) and ecstasy. Driving drunk is worse than doing cocaine, she says, because you could kill someone: “I think about the few times I drove drunk and I picture all of the beautiful families I passed in my car whose lives I could have taken. Please don’t drive drunk, okay?”

4. Her second son got his name from a psychic.

When Poehler was pregnant with baby No. 2, little brother to Archie, she visited a psychic who told her she was having “another big boy. He wants to be called Abel.” She agreed.

5. She never read that script you gave her on the train.

Once, while Poehler was napping on an Amtrak trip, she was awoken when a kind-faced businessman dumped a script on her lap. “The script was for a movie called I Don’t Know Because I Threw It Away,” she writes. “I don’t like to be solicited…I am not impressed when you assure me the story has ‘lots of twists and turns.’ I doubt it does and how dare you.”

6. She loves Law & Order and Louis C.K.

Poehler’s favourite TV show and her “dear friend and relationship sponsor,” respectively. We approve.

7. She likes getting mistaken for Tina Fey.

Once, at the DMV, a woman asked her to do her Sarah Palin. “It only made me happy,” Poehler writes. “I’m happy that people call me Tina because she is my friend and she happens to be crushing it.”

8.  She and Tina have never been attracted to the same guy.


9. If zombies attacked, she would run to Nick Offerman.

“He can build a boat and is great company.”

10. Yes, she can believe how famous she is.

When Baby Mama came out, a friend of Poehler’s told her he kept seeing her face everywhere. “He went on and on about how weird that was…and asked me if I could believe it,” Poehler recalls. “‘Yes,’ I said. I had worked for over a decade to get to this moment. I hadn’t just dropped my script into someone’s lap on a train.”