10 Craziest American Music Awards Moments from the Last 10 Years

While no one's really sure what the purpose of the American Music Awards *actually* is, TBH, we do know there are some cray moments ahead

The American Music Awards have always managed to stir up a little crazy. The rumours have already started swirling for this year’s show (Biebs bringing Selena as his date?!), so let’s hope it can top some of the insane moments of AMAs past. Tune in this Sunday to see for yourself!

1. 2001: Britney strips down while hosting 

After changing out of her notorious matching denim ensemble (ah, the J.T. days!), Brit had tricks up her sleeve when LL Cool J was not cool with her new outfit choice.

2. 2004: Gwen Stefani’s Alice in Wonderland-inspired performance

Back in ’04, pre-Blake Gwen was still performing with her Harajuku Girls and sporting outlandish ensembles. While we’re v. proud of her classy revamp, 2000’s Gwen will always have our hearts.

3. 2006: Mariah Carey’s mega-sized disco ball 

The diva got a diva-sized d-ball to make a grand entrance for her performance at the 2006 AMAs.

4. 2007: Beyonce wins the International Artist award

With past winners including Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart and Aerosmith, Beyonce proved girls run the world when she became the first female artist to scoop this trophy.

5. 2008:
 Christina Aguilera’s medley

Proving the haters wrong, Christina Aguilera brought her A-game to the 2008 AMAs when she performed a rundown of all her big hits.

6. 2009: Lady Gaga plays a burning piano

From the exoskeleton costume to vocals as fire as that piano, Gaga owned the 2009 AMAs.

7. 2011: LMFAO’s neon-clad performance sans pants

LMFAO performed their smash hit “Party Rock Anthem” wearing nothing but their signature briefs. Yuck.

8. 2013: Miley Cyrus slays “Wrecking Ball” ( accompanied by a floating cat)

Leave it to Miley to share her stage with a giant lip-syncing feline sporting flowing tears. This is why we love her.

9. 2014: Waka Flocka Flame’s Pine Bros. throat lozenges commercial

As the spokesman for Pine Bros. lozenges, the rapper debuted the hilarious 30-second commercial that featured him saying “Pine Bros.” A LOT. Plus a not-so-subtle nod to weed-lovers.

10. 2015: Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth’s steamy kiss 

After finishing their duet of the song “Marvin Gaye”, the two engaged in a très steamy make-out sesh to roars of cheering from the crowd. Way to listen to the song, guys!

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