Should You Buy Stock in Weed? & More Investment Queries, Answered!

Welcome to Investment 101, class is in session now

What are you saving for? A recent BMO study found that most millennials are more concerned about saving than any other age group. The bad news? We’re socking it away for short-term goals—hello, vacay—rather than budgeting for retirement.

That might be because the idea of retirement sounds so far off. But it doesn’t have to be. We asked two financial experts to answer all your most pressing investing questions.

Meet our experts:

  • Bridget Casey, @moneyaftergrad: This award-winning entrepreneur runs Money After Graduation in Calgary. Within two years, she went from owing more than $21,000 in student loans to becoming a debt-free stock market investing pro.
  • Kristy Shen, @KristyShen: She’s one half of the team behind Millennial Revolution and Canada’s youngest retiree. At 31, she gave up that 9-5 grind with $1 million in the bank and now travels the world with her husband Bryce. On a brief pitstop, she shared some of her expert advice with us.

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