3 Millennial Money Pros Answer Your Most Taxing Tax Questions

Who said tax season had to be so taxing?

If the words “tax season” send a chill down your spine, you’re not alone. Almost half (46 percent) of Canadian millennials don’t do their taxes on their own because they’re afraid to make mistakes, says a recent survey.

To make the process a little bit easier, we spoke to three millennial money experts and asked them 10 questions everyone has come tax time. With the tax return deadline fast approaching, their answers couldn’t be timelier.

Meet our three experts: 

  • Jordann Brown, @myalternateblog: creator of My Alternate Life. The 27-year-old personal finance blogger from Halifax paid off $38,000 in debt and now has $10,000 banked for rainy days and a net worth of $83,000.
  • Jessica Moorhouse, @jessi_moorhouse: a personal finance blogger in Toronto and the voice behind the Mo’ Money podcast. She also runs v. popular Millennial Money Meetups.
  • Desirae Odjick, @half_banked: an Ottawa-based marketer by day, personal finance blogger at night. The brain behind Half Banked is currently challenging herself to save 50 percent of her income (without giving up her daily latte).

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