You're Not Really Going To Eat 4 Pounds Of Lipstick In Your Lifetime

A beauty blogger gets to the bottom of this urban legend

You’ve heard the old saw that a women will eat an average of 4 pounds of lipstick over her lifetime. Gross, right? And frankly, it’s just not true.

Beauty writer Liza Herz was so tired of hearing this stat trotted out again and again—the urban legend busters at have found a similar tale cited everywhere from The Ottawa Citizen to Australia’s Sunday Herald—that she decided to get to the bottom of it. You can check out the post on Beauty Geeks for the full mathematical breakdown, but essentially, what Herz found is that four pounds of lipstick shakes out to be about 533 lipsticks, or a tube a month from ages 15 to 70. And that doesn’t leave any wiggle room for the colour to, you know, stay on your mouth.

Even our lippie-loving selves can’t imagine owning, let alone eating, that many bullets.

Myth Math: You Will NOT Eat Four Pounds Of Lipstick [Beauty Geeks]