Brush Up on the Latest Gadgets to Soothe Your Winter-Ravaged Skin

Skincare gadgets abound, but which ones are best for winter face? We've rounded up four of the latest and greatest to help get you through the season

Canadian winters can take a real toll on your skin, making it dry, flaky and red. If your year-round cleansing routine just isn’t cutting it this season, you might need an upgrade to a more thorough, deep-cleaning regimen. Get rid of all that dead skin and built-up dirt and put your best winter face forward with the help of one of these high-tech beauty tools. And don’t be afraid if you have sensitive skineach of these little skincare gadgets is super gentle, and it’ll help prep your skin to better absorb all the ingredients in your moisturizer, too.


This new mini-brush is designed for 100 uses and easy travel. Its soft vibration sloughs off dead skin cells without being overly abrasive and improves the absorption of your favourite serums and creams. Foreo Luna Play, $49,


Inspired by Dermalplaning—a favourite exfoliation treatment of celebrities—this wand uses stainless steel “edges” to gently (and safely) slough away dry and dead skin. Dermaflash Facial Exfoliating Device, $236,


Made from unbleached, organic cotton, this cloth can be used for warm compresses post-oil cleanse or for ultra-gentle exfoliation. Pai Organic Muslin Face Cloth, $20 (for a pack of five),


If power tools aren’t for you, this double-sided manual brush will help you deep-clean pores and ditch flakes at your own speed. Sephora Collection Dynamic Duo Face Brush, $19,

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