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Recommended Travel Books: Winnipeg
1) Winnipeg Landmarks, $12.12
Author: Murray Peterson
Historian Murray Peterson and illustrator R. Sweeney collaborate to produce a carefully researched and visually detailed account of Winnipeg’s important landmarks during the 20th century. Historical maps and photographs show early stages of neighbourhoods and businesses which have made Winnipeg into what it is today.
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2) Winnipeg Modern : Architecture, 1945 to 1975, $ 28.32
Authors: Serena Keshavjee
Most people wouldn’t think of Winnepeg as a modern architecture mecca, but this book shines the light on the internationally acclaimed architects who have left their mark on the city. This vivid, stylish, and fascinating book gives us a look at a generation of young architects, such as James Donahue and David Thordarson, who adapted the principles of European Modernism to the prairie geography. Other nationally renowned architects, such as Étienne Gaboury and Gustavo da Roza, also left a lasting Modernist mark on Winnipeg’s skyline and private residences.
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