Whitney Port on How to Make a #MomCut Look Cool

Let’s flip the script on the #momcut narrative, shall we?

A close up of Whitney's Port new short bob

(Photo: Courtesy of Whitney Port)

Short hair, don’t care? Not entirely. Let’s dig in a little.

I think we can all agree there’s a kind of beauty myth that as soon as a woman cuts her hair she’s more empowered. Feels strong. Floats down the street feeling like a Parisian woman during fashion week, all carefree. She doesn’t care what anyone else thinks!

But that’s not always the case.

In total honesty, this time around, I didn’t really want to cut my hair. I had been through the short hair blues before.

Whitney Port takes a selfie with her baby Sonny while wearing a white summer dress

Whitney and Sonny (Photo: Courtesy of Whitney Port)

A couple of years ago, I cut it. Chopped it right off, and while it looked cute, I never really felt like me. I never felt comfortable in my own skin. It was hard to style on my own—even my stylists found it challenging. It felt like more of a hassle than it was made out to be! But it was chic and I looked cool AF ( I never say that but it sounds right in this context). You know that kind of chic I’m talking about. That woman who can wear anything, rock no makeup, not an ounce of product in her hair, and still look amazing. That woman who can roll out of bed and just show up to an event—or so it appears. My husband likes to call it the model-off-duty look, but what he, and everyone else, fails to understand is just how much goes into that look.

Which is what I have come to realize about short hair. It looks cool, but does it feel cool? Sometimes stepping out with short hair can feel like leaving home without your phone. You feel stressed and naked. There is, quite literally, nothing to hide behind. SO, why, you might ask, did I do it again?

Whitney Port holds baby Sonny in her newly renovated kitchen

At home with her son (Photo: Courtesy of Whitney Port)

Simple. I got a really bad haircut. I usually only get a blunt trim. No layers, nothing special, just the dead ends cut off very, very bluntly. For me, that feels safe and fashion at the same time.

But it was time for my first haircut after having Sonny and I felt the need to change it up and get some layers. I was feeling dowdy and chubby and thought a fresh look, something I hadn’t tried before, would be the answer. Honestly, this is the LAST time anyone should try something new. Try something new when you feel great about yourself! Try something new because you have been dying to try it, thinking about it for weeks, and have had multiple discussions about it. Do not make brash decisions because you feel ugly and think this will be the answer. You might end up crying in the bathroom mirror wondering where all your hair went. (Been there.)

Anyway, surprise surprise, my layers were awful. I looked like I was wearing a wig of my own hair over extensions of my own hair. It was BAD. And then, I went on a family vacay to Florida, which is a place not known for being nice to hair. Hello, humidity. During that trip I came to the conclusion that I needed to chop it off. I just had to!

A close up of Whitney's Port new short bob

(Photo: Courtesy of Whitney Port)

At 10 a.m. the morning after I got home from our trip, I was already in the salon asking for the blunt bob. I was hyping myself up! It was going to be so cool, so modern, SO CHIC! And… honestly, I LOVED it. It felt so “of the moment,” and I instantly just felt lighter and cooler. I posted it that afternoon and within seconds the Instagram comments started to roll in:

“It’s a new mom thing, we all do it; I totally did.”

“Love it!! About time 🙂 #momhair”

“Got the mom cut haha”

“Nooo! Keep your hair long mommy’s! Long hair=sexy..this looks nice but very mommy…”

Most of the comments were really nice, buuuut the #momcut comments got to me! I felt like #momhair was the OPPOSITE of what I was going for. Yes, I am a mom and proud to be one! But why should short hair = mommy? Let’s flip the script on this, shall we? I’d like to think we can get rid of the whole #momcut narrative.

A close up of Whitney's Port new short bob while she holds her son Sonny

Behind the scenes on a recent photo shoot (Photo: Courtesy of Whitney Port)

The #momcut can be COOL for these reasons and so many more:

  1. You DO NOT have to style it. It looks cool with natural texture.
  2. It frames your face, which needs to shine!
  3. It forces you to feel confident and not hide behind your beachy waves.
  4. Beachy waves are so over!
  5. When you do style it, it can be super easy! (My tips below.)
  6. A low, mini-bun with a centre part is also pretty and effortless and can be worn both dressed up and down.
A close up of Whitney's Port new short bob while she wears a pink feather coat

(Photo: Courtesy of Whitney Port)

Tips for styling:

Disclaimer: I must admit, I am not great at styling my own hair, but here are a few tips to get a stylish look without the fuss:

  1. I wash my hair at night and sleep on it. Clean hair never looks good on me. I need it to have that slept-in texture.
  2. Simply take a flat iron and only iron the top of the hair and the ends, leaving the middle of the hair out of the equation. This way it will have a bend in the middle but be straight and tamed at the root and the tips.
  3. Keep it minimal! Instead of using a round brush and hairdryer, try a finger-wave. This will give you that messy, but polished model-off-duty look everyone always references!
  4. There are so many accessories that look amazing with a short cut. Some of my favourites include these silk hair ties from Donni.
Behind the scenes on a photo shoot, Whitney Port gets her hair and makeup done

Finishes touches before another photo shoot (Photo: Courtesy of Whitney Port)

Here are my hero products I swear by:

  1. It’s a Ten Leave-In Conditioner: Takes out the frizz and makes my hair super soft.
  2. Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil: Adds extra moisture after I condition.
  3. Enjoy Luxury Shampoo & Conditioner: I have been using this for years and it has kept my hair in the best condition.
  4. Ouai Wave Spray: When I want to just let it air dry but need a little oomph, I spray a little of this to the ends and scrunch it.
  5. Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo: Great for day-old hair that needs a little refresh!
  6. GHD Platinum Styler Flat Iron:​ Perfect for styling look #2 (as noted above).

And remember: even though it seems like hair can make or break how we feel about ourselves, it really is just hair. It grows and life’s too short not to take the short hair risk!

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