Which fragrance best reps your personal style?

Which fragrance best reps your personal style? Let your wardrobe be thy guide

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Which fragrance best reps your personal style? Let your wardrobe be thy guide

Some women’s style seems like a complete, enviable picture—from her perfect coif to her polished toes, with an of-the-moment fragrance as well. How the heck does she pull it off? “A woman’s style is her personality, her signature, her imprint,” says Anne Tillman-Graham, general manager for YSL Beauté. “And her fragrance is an extension of her personal allure.” Simple as that, huh?

Well, for those of you who need a little more help in the eau-de-c’est-what department, here are the season’s top fashion trends, along with our favourite fragrances to complement each look. “Fragrance can be very much like an accessory,” says Tillman-Graham. “You can choose it to suit your ensemble for the day or for an evening out.” And just as you change your wardrobe with the passing of seasons, budget for a fresh scent this spring, along with your new heels and handbag.

Seriously Sexy Modern Classic Soft & Romantic Fun & Flirty

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Seriously Sexy

Style clue: Beyoncé’s got nothin’ on you.

Looks you love: plunging necklines, super-skinny pants, killer platform heels, bold colour, sheer black fabrics, sleek patent accessories

Your ideal scent: Sensuous florals like jasmine and peony. A spicy finish screams womanly glamour. People (especially men) can’t help but notice you—and you’re lovin’ it!

Spritz tip: Hold off on the bling thing until after you’ve spritzed, as the alcohol content can damage your precious metals and pearls.

Wearer worthy:

Roberto Cavalli
50 mL, $82
Thierry Mugler
Rose Angel,
25 mL, $76
50 mL, $84
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runway look: Alessandro Dell’Acqua

Modern Classic

Style clue: You prefer Sienna’s new take on simple glamour over her boho roots.

Looks you love: the latest flat shoes (both practical and stylish!), chain bags, shirtdresses, nautical influences, the wraparound shirt, classic black-and-white colour combos, the structured dress (à la Narciso)

Your ideal scent: Oriental notes that are rich, mysterious, extravagant and somewhat dangerous—just like you (or your alter ego). Gardenia, carnation, vanilla and warm amber notes cater to your softer side.

Spritz tip: Avoid spraying fragrance directly onto your clothes—it might stain your investment silks.

Wearer worthy:

50 mL, $105
FlowerbyKenzo Oriental,
50 mL, $91
Yves Saint Laurent
Opium Fleur Impériale,
100 mL, $66
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runway look: Donna Karan

Soft & Romantic

Style clue: You miss Charlotte’s good fashion sense (which is why you’re hooked on Sex and the City reruns). Where have all the princesses gone?

Looks you love: the ruffled blouse, Victorian details, eyelet and lace, empire waistlines, babydoll dresses, bow details, bold floral prints

Your ideal scent: True florals exude your femininity, elegance and passion—especially those with notes of rose. Keep it perky with orange blossom, nasturtium, iris and jasmine

Shopping tip: Spray the scent on a blotter card, then wait several seconds for it to settle before you sniff. If you like it, apply it to your wrist, then stroll the lacy lingerie aisle for 15–20 minutes and continue to smell it every few minutes. Let the fragrance develop on you. Pretty enough for you? Buy it!

Wearer worthy:

Yves Saint Laurent
Paris Roses des Vergers,
125 mL, $62
Very Irrésistible Sensual,
50 mL, $82
Pink Jasmine,
100 mL, $103
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runway look: Derek Lam

Fun & Flirty

Style clue: Do or don’t? Chanel, funked out with ripped jeans. You’re on Lohan’s side.

Looks you love: cute mini-dresses, roll-up shorts, colourful leggings, neon accessories, platform wedges, the oversized belt, sparkly, girlie shoes

Your ideal scent: An opulent, recognizable top note plants you firmly in the limelight. Only the most modern, ultrafeminine floral notes such as ylang-ylang and freesia with a twist of citrus do your trendy L.A. style justice.

Storage tip: Be careful, girl—fragrances are delicate. Try not to leave them strewn about your bedroom like yesterday’s party dresses. Keep your bottles in a cool, dry place, away from the heat, sun and humidity—and be sure to recap every time.

Wearer worthy:

Eau de Parfum Spray,
100 mL, $135
Anna Sui
Secret Wish,
50 mL, $64
L de Lolita
50 mL, $82
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runway look: Marc by Mac Jacobs

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