What You Need to Know Today: Wednesday, October 12

Here's what we're talking about at FLARE HQ today

Covergirl Coverboy

(Photo: Instagram/@Covergirl)

CoverGirl has named its first-ever CoverBoy. Yesterday, Katy Perry announced via Insta that aspiring makeup artist and social media sensation James Charles, 17, is the inaugural male face of the brand—and he is absolutely stunning.

Entertainment Tonight host Nancy O’Dell publicly addressed the recently leaked Donald TrumpBilly Bush Access Hollywood recording, in which Trump—aside from stating that when you’re famous, you can “grab [women] by the pussy”—also trashed a woman whom he unsuccessfully tried to have an affair with (who turned out to be O’Dell). “There is no room for objectification of women, or anyone for that matter, not even in the ‘locker room,’” O’Dell said. “The conversation has got to change because everybody deserves respect, no matter the gender or setting.” #Preach

The Pill is no longer the be-all and end-all of female contraceptives. In 2015, Canadian pharmacies dispensed 1.17 million fewer prescriptions for oral contraceptives than in 2011. According to the Toronto Star, more millennial women are moving away from oral contraceptives and turning to long-lasting options, such as IUDs.

By now, Shia LaBeouf fans should know that he is nothing if not unpredictable. The actor surprised us once again by marrying Mia Goth in a traditional Las Vegas ceremony, officiated by an Elvis impersonator and witnessed by a hula dancer.

Halloween is just around the corner, and so are the newest offerings for offensive costume ideas. The latest? A Kim Kardashian heist-inspired costume—complete with a hotel robe and fake gag. Um, no.

Meanwhile, Kim K has rather uncharacteristically stayed out of the public eye and off of social media in the week or so since she was robbed of more than $10 million in jewellery. In an interview on Ellen, Khloe Kardashian revealed that her sister is, understandably, “not doing that well.

And finally, in fitness news: chaneling your rage to go harder at the gym might not do a body good. McMaster University researchers found that getting riled up before working out can significantly increase your risk of having a heart attack—which gives new meaning to cooling down.