West Coast Alert

West Coast Alert
August 2008

PICNIC CHIC Fancy an afternoon of free-wheeling whimsy, complete with glamour nibblies and a saucy frock? That’s right Posh Spice—it’s picnic time. And whether your backdrop is West Van’s Lighthouse Park, Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden downtown or the shores at Spanish Banks, a chic-picnic in Vancouver is a right of passage (along with owning a Sigg thermos and organic bug spray, both of which might come in handy for this mission). Ready? Set? Chill! Susie Wall


PICNIC BASKET Meet my new multi-tasking must-have. This foldable canvas tote is preppy (dig the hip-Hamptons vibe) and practical (lightweight + waterproof = heaven). I keep my pistachio-hued version in the car (so I can channel the Barefoot Contessa browsing for baguettes), but a carryall this cute begs to be on display. Can you spell basket-a-go-go? Visit Vancouver’s to order.


GOURMET GOODIES Gourmet goodies, oodles of aisle space, killer merchandising (complete with slick casings and Euro carts)—the Meinhardt family’s new Arbutus Street grocery outpost is chow central. So stock up on picnic provisions like paninis, spreads, cheeses and chocolate lickity split (and feel like an off-duty movie star while you do it). Visit


Dace’s Adana frock is a summer afternoon no-brainer. Rockable with everything from flats to wedge heels (no spikes on the grass!), this getup flaunts your pilates-toned pipes and faux-bronzed gams all at once. Fashioned from French import fabric (avec charming navy stripes), this cotton-blend sundress screams take-the-day-off, doll face. Visit


OUTDOOR BEAUTY And for your dewy close-up? Swap the night-out makeup for something au naturel and all-in-one. Be a beauty locavore and try Supply Cosmetic’s coveted Two Cheek Kiss lip and cheek stain, created by BeautyMark founder Marc Brunet. Easy to blend, this double-duty dream guarantees you’ll look both bitten-and-flushed. Fab. Visit


COZY BLANKET Now we can’t let princess have a picnic on any old dog blanket, can we? There is no replacement for a cult status Pendleton. Fashioned from 100% washable wool, these retro throws come in monochromes (with racing stripes), plaids and a swell variety of picnic-friendly patterns. P.S. Don’t forget the leather carry strap. In Vancouver at Eugene Choo,