West Coast Alert

West Coast Alert
September 2008

Jodhpurs and blazers and booties, oh my! Amidst our current love affair with fall fashion (how can you resist?), there is still a sexy fling with spring to be had. Both new and established local and Canadian designers will showcase their Spring 2009 fabulousness at B.C. Fashion Week September 22-26th. Presented at downtown’s Chinese Cultural Centre, be on the eye-spy for sizzling Gen Next talent as well as catwalk candy from perennial favourites like Mellinda-Mae Harlingten, Jacqueline Conoir and Lara Presber. Work it baby, work it. Visit bcfashionweek.com. Susie WallB.C. Fashion Week


ARITZIA Look killer (and be cozy!) in the front rows of fashion week courtesy of the fall knitwear collections at Aritzia. Our fave? An extra long, angora-blended cardi by Wilfred – complete with a built-in tie belt and slouchy pockets. It’ll be a dynamite BFF for your Twelfth Street cami dress and spanking new ankle boots (at this rate they might mistake you for a model, you Coco Rocha you). P.S. Don’t miss Aritzia’s edgy, in-store photo installations courtesy of cult status New York photog (and one-time Whitney wunderkind) Ryan McGinley—whose work guarantees to get you in the model-life kind of mood. Visit aritzia.com.


NARROW LOUNGE En route to the Generation Next show (Sept. 25th at 5:30pm, fyi), make like the undergrounders of New York and Amsterdam with a trip to Main Street’s new Narrow Lounge. Marked by a single red light outside (you know what they say – cool means not needing a sign), this low key, 45-seat hotspot (complete with antler decor, tiled ceilings and lipstick-red wallpaper) is crawling with a styling artsy crowd in search of dinner, a stiff drink and meaningful banter (a portion of the proceeds from your nightcap will also support the grace-gallery and artists’ quarters upstairs). And for your getup? Think West Village, not West Beverly, fashion plate. Corner of Main and E. 3rd, visit narrowlounge.com.


IN A JIFFY WIPES Long day of hard labour? Kidding. Look fresh and fabulous courtesy of my favourite new beauty fix, In a Jiffy Wipes from Chiiki Munki (love with cute, purse-friendly packaging). Stash them in your new it bag (keep reading—I’ve found you one of those, too) for both on-the-go war paint removal and a soothing cleanse (bonus feature: they once removed three different food groups from my ruffle blouse). And did I mention you can e-ship them right to your doorstep? Beautiful. Visit skoah.com.


ERIN TEMPLETON Whether you’re a buyer, a budding stylist or simply obsessed with clothes, you can’t attend B.C. Fashion Week without a giant West Coast “it” bag on your arm. Enter Chinatown shopkeeper/designer Erin Templeton and her newest collection of handmade totes, purses and satchels. While her entire bag buffet is high drama, the Palooka Heavyweight bag is your ticket when dashing from the boardroom to a big night. Roomy enough for your gear but sleek enough to make your editrix seat mate swoon—it can be carried three different ways and resembles a chic punching bag (perfect for this feisty biz!) Visit erintempleton.com.


KEYS PLEASE Don’t want to leave your getaway car in Gastown overnight? Don’t blame you. Can’t resist the wine list at Chambar post-runway? Don’t blame you again. Call Keys Please about an hour before your departure and two drivers will arrive curbside—one to drive your car home and the other to drive you. And while the concept has exploded in other Canadian cities, it’s surprisingly little known in these parts. Stylish warning: don’t expect hipsters in hotrods who laugh at your jokes (you’re hilarious after three martinis). We’re talking two drivers in matching rain slickers who are all business—which is exactly how you want it. Call 1-866-586-5397 or visit keysplease.net.

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