Wedding Bell Bliss

Wedding Bell Bliss
Alex Breen blogs about her journey towards the alter

Meet Alex—FLARE’s associate entertainment editor and just one of our newly engaged misses. Read her story and share yours.


Newly engaged, Steve and Alex

We met three years ago at a very grungy, but very fun bar in Toronto called the Underground Garage. It was a friend’s birthday and she just broke up with her very long-term (like seven years) live-in boyfriend. We were all ready to make sure she had a good time. I accompanied my best friend Carrie outside for some fresh air and she started lecturing me on how I’m not very open to meeting guys. I give off “a cold vibe” (totally not true, of course) according to her. Anyway, when we re-entered the bar, Steve stopped me and started chatting me up. With the words of my friend fresh in my head, I decided to ask him to join us on the dance floor (pure class). We ended up exchanging email addresses that night. We emailed for nearly two weeks before going on our first date. And, we’ve been together ever since.


The ring

We had talked about getting engaged sometime this year. As the year was coming to an end, our 3rd anniversary, Christmas and my 30th birthday were quickly approaching. I had a feeling he might pop the question sometime soon. He knew my suspicions were soaring so he didn’t want to plan anything out of the ordinary. He ended up doing it totally unexpectedly – I was at home in my yoga gear getting ready to go to the gym. He asked me to marry him and then we cracked open the champagne (after making a few key phone calls, of course). He scored huge points by personally designing me a ruby and diamond ring that I totally love!


Week 1

We’re both kind of no-fuss people. I like to get things done pretty quickly and avoid any headaches. So, I’m trying to be very decisive with this whole wedding planning thing. I’m hoping to make it as pain free as possible. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories involving bridezillas and loads of drama. I’m going to skip out on having bridesmaids and get my friends involved in some other way—maybe do a reading in the ceremony or something. That way they won’t have to spend their cash on a dress they will never wear again. And, I don’t have to worry about dressing them.

In terms of the planning, I think I’m on the right track so far. After a couple of days of checking out locations on, and a few on-site visits to various locations in the city, we decided on a venue. We’re going to have our ceremony and reception outdoors at The Miller Lash House on July 19th. One thing down and dozens to go…check back with me next week for more!


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