Wedding Away From Home

Wedding Away From Home
Krista Bradley plans the ultimate getaway wedding


I prefer to say that we met at a ‘charity function’ because it sounds a bit classier than saying we met at a firefighter calendar show, but either would be correct.

It all started with Newfoundland. I had been a few months earlier with a girlfriend to visit her family, so when I got a phone call saying that the Aunts and Cousins were in town, I didn’t hesitate to agree to meet up with them in Brampton. When I showed up (wearing jeans and runners) I was told we were going to the firefighter calendar show. I promptly offered to be the designated driver, as I was clearly under-dressed and under-prepared for the festivities!

Once at the show, the girls had a few cocktails (all for charity of course) and one cousin named Francine proceeded to drag over a very cute fireman to our table of 12 ladies, slurring ‘Look what I found’ in her charming East Coast accent while unbuttoning his shirt.

The fireman was Jamie. He was charming and adorable with all of the ladies, which was no small feat for a Man covered in baby oil. He told us a story about some crazed fan stealing his pants. He laughed at me for looking so embarrassed. He asked me and my girlfriend to meet them after the show for a drink. I thought it would be tacky to show up, but my girlfriend insisted we go. We flipped a coin. I lost. We went. That night, we played a game of pool and I laughed the whole time. I felt like I had known him for years. The rest is history! Thank you Francine.


The Ring

Jamie and I love to socialize, and have a hard time saying no to any invitation. After a period of a few months where every single weekend was filled with social engagements, we found ourselves in need of some down time to reconnect.

Jamie offered to plan something for us to get away for a night, and I gladly accepted. I didn’t think that a proposal was in the cards simply because we had been so busy, I didn’t know when he would have had time to organize it. Little did I know that when we had been looking at rings online for fun, Jamie had been taking notes and paying close attention! He took me to Collingwood for the weekend and we stayed in a gorgeous hotel. After a lovely dinner, we decided to head down to the outdoor hot tubs to sip some champagne. Once the hot tub had cleared out and it was just the two of us, Jamie re-filled my champagne glass and passed it to me. When I tilted the glass to take a sip, there was the ring—in my glass. Thank goodness I didn’t drink the ring! I couldn’t move—he had to fish it out and put it on my finger. He got down on one knee and said god knows what. I was in shock to say the least. He had to remind me to give him an answer because I just kept staring back and forth from his face and the ring.

It was a spectacular night, from start to finish. We even had a stream of strangers from the hotel come out to the hot tub to congratulate us once the word spread!

Needless to say, I said yes! The ring is beautiful. It is a one-of-a-kind and is exactly what I would have picked for myself. And Jamie scored extra points by secretly driving to my Dad’s beforehand and asking his permission!


Week 1

Deciding on a destination wedding…

Jamie and I are both water people—our dream is to one day have property on a waterfront lot. When we talked about getting married, we always discussed having a wedding in a tropical location. That way, we can accommodate our large families (my Dad comes from a family of 10!) and everyone enjoys a beach vacation at the same time. Because our two families get along extremely well, it will be a blast to spend a week away where we are all together. Also, I must admit that I have never been the type of girl who daydreamed about a traditional wedding. I always felt like I was odd that way, until I discovered the option of a destination wedding. A week of sun, sand, surf, friends and family that just happens to have a wedding thrown in the mix—perfect! So now the fun part begins. The challenge will be finding a resort that will suit the varied budgets for our families and friends. Our group will consist of executives who earn six figures, and students who owe six figures.

We’ve decided to enlist the help of a travel agent who comes recommended to me from a colleague. Stay tuned as we begin to narrow down a list of possible resorts! I can’t wait to pick one and start spreading the word. We feel it is very important to give our family and friends as much notice as possible to save for the trip.


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