Victoria Travel Club's top 5 recommended Victoria travel books

Recommended Travel Books: Victoria
1) Backroad Mapbook, Vol.2: Vancouver Island, Third Edition, $ 17.95
Author: Russell Mussio, Wesley Mussio
This comprehensive recreational guide to Vancouver Island provides you with information on camping sites, parks, kayaking tours and more. The perfect know-it-all book for the nature lover traveler.



2) Victoria and Vancouver Island, 5th: A Personal Tour of an Almost Perfect Eden, $20.95
Author: Kathleen Thompson Hill
This updated edition offers a look at the very best of Victoria and Vancouver Island’s restaurants, fabulous wineries and one-of-a-kind boutiques. Get information also on the history and culture of this Canadian paradise.



3) Hiking Vancouver Island: A Guide to Vancouver Island’s Greatest Hiking Adventures, $18.05
Author: Shannon Cowan
Find out the 50 best hikes and trails on Canada’s west coast, including GP-S quality maps, photographs, regional tips and historical information. This detailed guide will have you tying up your laces in no time.



4) If More Walls Could Talk: Vancouver Island’s Houses From the Past, $16.71
Author: Valerie Green
Illustrator: Lynn Gordon-Findlay
Ever wonder what if this walls are listening? Get a sneak peek behind 50 heritage homes in the Greater Victoria area. Find out what memories the walls share with information on the people who dwelt in the home, when it was built, and its historical importance. This interesting and unique book is just the right read for any history buff.



5) Vancouver Island, $19.95
Author: Tanya Lloyd
Take an unforgettable look at Vancouver Island’s picturesque landscapes and brilliant blue skies with this lavish colour illustration book taken by some of Canada’s leading photographers.

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