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Anthea Simms

We’re longtime roller enthusiasts and it’s not often that we spot new types on the market––so when we stumbled across these new White Sands Velcro Strips, they definitely caught our attention. The strips are meant to achieve similar benefits to a standard Velcro roller: volume, texture, waves etc. However, their flat shape make them unique; you can roll them into any size you want and also use the hair sticks included to bend them into a zigzag pattern to create waves.

Love it: After setting our damp hair in the strips and letting it air dry, we easily pulled them out to reveal full-on crimps (like the ones seen backstage at Chloé). They’re a great option for attaining a very specific look since you can vary how tight and wide to make the wave––just be sure you have time and patience to spare.

Leave it: For the most ease, start at the back of your head and work your way forward  (we needed to enlist help to weave the hair stick into the strips at the back). Getting a uniform shape is tricky and it’s nearly impossible to get waves starting from your root. Mastering these will definitely take some time and effort, so we’d stick to Velcro rollers for a standard look. Or, if it’s a tight wave you’re after, opt for sleeping in braids.

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