This week we tried out pink lip stains

Anthea Simms

Sometimes a sweet pink pout is just the thing to pair with a freshly scrubbed face for work or weekend. The trick to this low-maintenance look is finding a formula that lasts so you’re not caught having to re-apply your pretty pucker every half hour. We tried these two:

CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain in Everbloom Kiss, $10:  This stain goes on as we imagine colouring in our pout with a Crayola marker would. The colour is a matte bold pink that we loved when we slicked it on—but as the day went on it got a little flat. You definitely get the look of a stain but we had to re-apply after every hour or so to keep up the colour and avoid a blotchy pout or the look of left over lip-liner. Available across Canada at drugstores and mass-market retailers.

Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Stain in Charmed, $31: This creamy, gel-like “pencil” is an interesting take on a stain. It slides on extra smooth with a little shine and a more opaque colour. This shade was lovely and the peppermint and jojoba oil felt extra fresh and moisturizing. Although, similar to our drugstore find, we found ourselves re-applying a few times throughout the day to keep up the colour. Available across Canada at Sephora