Tuesday Test-Drive: The Festive Mani

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This week we tested three of the uber-popular aubergine lacquers that have hit holiday shelves to nail down the ultimate yuletide manicure. After scouring what’s on offer, it’s no secret that purple is the hue to have this season. We picked up three, with one in every price range, and gave them a go:

Revlon Plum Attraction, $6: This shade was surprisingly rich with the mirrored look of a luxury lacquer. We love this metallic eggplant hue so much we plan to sport it well into 2010.

O.P.I Merry Midnight, $11: Large flecks of red and blue glitter keep this shade strictly in the party zone. It’s a bit of a challenge to apply, but if you can master it your digits will be the belles of the ball.

Dior Silver Purple, $24: We might call this polish more of a purple silver. Its silvery finish is definitely luxe––a little cold for a Christmas jubilee but perfect for your NYE romp.

–Megan Kirkwood

Model photography, Anthea Simms.